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Charlie's Caf has become the de facto standard restaurant for the Sacramento Breakfast Club, and for good reason, as Charlie's serves one of the best breakfasts in town, and exceeds all of the club's criteria.  Friday, May 15, 2008 we welcomed new club member Jim Angelo, so what better way to initiate him than a breakfast at Charlie's?

Photo:  It's early on a Friday morning in May, and I'm one of the first customers in the restaurant.  I like to come early before the rest of the gang to enjoy Charlie's delicious coffee, and surf the web on my cell phone.

I was fortunate to have the day off from work, so I got up early and made the 10-minute drive to Charlie's, in order to grab a table, enjoy a cup of coffee, chat with Charlie and the gang, and surf the web a bit on my phone before the rest of the gang arrived from work. As I walked into the restaurant, I was immediately greeted by co-owner Charlie, and the manager of the restaurant, friendly Cheryl.  Both of them greet me with "Hi Eric, we haven't seen you for a while, good to see you..." Yeah, I hadn't been in since December, but Charlie and the gang remembered me, and made me feel like a member of the family.

Photo:  Charlie brings David's order of chicken fried steak, along with one of the best omelets that you could ever imagine... the food is delicious at Charlie's.

Charlie's breakfast menu offers a seemingly endless array of breakfast choices, as the breakfast section of the menu is three pages!  You'll never run out of breakfast choices at Charlie's...

I ordered my favorite breakfast of chicken fried steak, three eggs, country potatoes with lots of bell peppers and diced onions, and a side of biscuits and gravy rounded out my breakfast.  New member Jim opted for the California Omelette, complete with bacon, cheese, mushrooms, and avocados, with a side of Charlie's delicious pancakes. You'll never go hungry at Charlie's, as the portions are generous.  

Photo:  Christina seats a couple of customers, and waits to pour their coffee.

The service at Charlie's Caf is absolutely wonderful.  Co-owner Charlie waits on tables, along with the restaurant manager Cheryl, and they will always make sure that your coffee cup is full of some of the best coffee in town. Today, we were introduced to Christina, the newest member of the extended family, and it was truly a pleasure to make her acquaintance.  The staff at Charlie's Caf  really makes you feel at home.

Photo:  My hearty breakfast of chicken fried steak, three eggs, country style potatoes, a side of biscuits and gravy, and a bottomless cup of delicious coffee.

Photo:  Today's club members, from left to right:  Eric Rench, your photographer, author and webmaster, Matt Donnelly, Dan MacLeod, Jim Angelo, Mark McIntire, Brad Holther and David DeMario.  The photo was graciously taken by restaurant co-owner Charlie.

Since I've written about Charlie's many times before, I won't go into great detail, except that today's breakfast at Charlie's was fine as ever; the staff is always super friendly, the restaurant is comfortable, fellow diners are friendly, the portions are gigantic, and the food is some of the best that we have had the pleasure to enjoy during our breakfast meetings. Charlie's Caf remains a favorite, and de facto benchmark of the Sacramento Breakfast Club.

Charlie's Caf
8000 Auburn Blvd.
Citrus Heights, CA 95610
916 726-4772

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