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Fellow breakfast club member David DeMario is always on the prowl for restaurants that we haven't had a chance to visit, and the other day, he happened to be driving on Folsom Blvd., and at the corner of Folsom Blvd. and 51st St., he spotted Cassidy's Family Restaurant, tucked away in a corner of a small strip mall.  Fast forward to work, where in the course of doing business, the subject of Cassidy's came up, and I mentioned that a local columnist in the major Sacramento newspaper and recently published a write-up about the place, and had described it as a kind of "Cheers" in a coffee shop form.  That did it, and when the Sacramento Breakfast Club met for the meeting of Wednesday, November 26, 2008, the meeting was held at Cassidy's Family Restaurant.

Photo:  Here's a view of Cassidy's attractive exterior, as seen across 51st Street.  Outdoor dining is offered on the side of the building, under the overhang.

Cassidy's is located in a strip mall, on busy Folsom Blvd., a couple of miles east of downtown Sacramento.  If it wasn't for the large free-standing sign near the street, you'd probably miss the restaurant, as it blends in with the adjacent businesses.  It's set back from the street a bit, and there's more than ample parking.

The description of a coffee-shop version of "Cheers" amply fits the restaurant, as there's a bar, tables and booths. The decor is very attractive, as the walls are painted an off-white, with a touch of yellow, the chairs, table legs and trim are painted a medium green, and the floor is carpeted in an industrial-grade, green carpet.  The tops of the tables and the breakfast bar are natural oak, which contrasts nicely with the painted surfaces.  Framed pictures are hung on the walls, and there's a high definition TV near the cashier's station.  Of course the place smells fresh, and everything is spotlessly clean.  All together, Cassidy's features one of the more attractive dining rooms that we've had the pleasure to enjoy.

Photo:  An existing light photo of Cassidy's attractive dining room.  Note the kitchen is entered via the green, swinging doors, towards the right background of the photo.

Other breakfast reviews have mentioned that Cassidy's caters to the taste of the locals, and that the breakfast clientele is composed primarily of senior citizens.  To me, that's a good thing, as folks that have been around for a while probably appreciate good food more than their juniors, and probably are keen to ferret out a good value. Whatever the case, there we only a handfull of fellow diners on this rainy Wednesday morning.  

Our waiter was pleasant enough, and promptly brought coffee and menus, but he seemed a bit on the taciturn side, which in our opinion seems like an unusual trait for someone who's job revolves around waiting on people. Cassidy's breakfast menu is very complete, as it features two full pages of breakfast dishes, with everything from breakfast classics to unique-to-Cassidy's entrées.  The prices are reasonable, and there's something on the menu for every taste.

Photo: Our waiter brings Dan is breakfast of New York steak and eggs.  In the background, another waiter is on the way with David's breakfast.

Brad and I ordered pork chops and eggs, while David chose the 10-oz ribeye steak, Dan chose New York steak, and Mark ordered a rather prozaic ham and cheese omelet.  When we visit a new restaurant, it's the custom of our club for each of us to order a different entrée, so we can compare notes, and I have to admit that the idea of ordering corned beef has tugged at my stomach strings, but I couldn't resist ordering pork chops and eggs.  Brad and I each ordered a bowl of gravy on the side... how can you eat breakfast without gravy?  All breakfasts came with hash brown potatoes and toast or English muffin.  One small complaint is that homestyle potatoes are not offered on the menu.  I considered asking our waiter about this omission, but I dismissed the idea, as hash browns sounded good.

Photo:  A somewhat blurry photo of today's Sacramento Breakfast Club, graciously taken by our waiter.  My digital camera can be a bit tricky to operate, unless you're used to it, as I am.

Our food arrived in a very timely manner, cooked exactly as ordered, with a very attractive presentation.  We're not overly critical, but as breakfast club members, breakfast connesours, and breakfast journalists, we don't eat breakfast like your Joe-average diner, as we LIVE breakfast!  As we munched on our breakfasts, we compared notes, and we all agreed that Cassidy's provides a tasty, attractive breakfast, at a reasonable price.  Aside from minor complaint concerning the hash brown potatoes, Brad and I both felt that our bowls of gravy were a tad on the small side.  But to offset that minor complaint, the gravy was rich, flavorful, and delicious.

Photo:  My delicious  meal of two, tender, perfectly cooked pork chops, eggs over easy, hash browns, and sourdough toast.  The somewhat smallish bowl of gravy is to the left side of the photo.  All of us agreed that our meals were delicious, and represent good value for our hard-earned dollars.

Cassidy's Family Restaurant features capable service, delicious food, attractive presentation, ample portions, and represents a good breakfast value.  Outside of a few minor issues, we'd recommend Cassidy's Family Restaurant for your next breakfast adventure.

Cassidy's Family Restaurant
5090 Folsom Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95819
916 457-9651

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