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What to do after dinner, in Holbrook, AZ on a weekday evening?  Why not REALLY see what the locals, and the town is all about, and visit a local bar... why not?  Winners Circle Bar is located only three blocks from my motel, so it was an easy hike to the local bar, to meet the locals, and savor the local character of Holbrook and the Navajo Nation.

Photo:  Winners Circle Bar is very "biker friendly," which is a good thing in my book.  It offers friendly hospitality, cold beer, and lots of local flavor.  Note the "biker" logo at the top right of the photo.

Photo:  Sunset just outside Winners Circle Bar is BNSF's mainline, so if you like trains, Winners Circle is a good place to enjoy.

Photo:  As you walk in, the bar is "L-shaped," and there is a lot of room to relax, enjoy a cold beer, and soak in the local character.

Photo:  If you're interest in playing pool, there are four pool tables set up in the middle of the bar.  There is lots of space for you to enjoy yourself.

Photo:  Yes, ma'am, I enjoy Budweiser beer, as I salute my friendly bartendress, Dionne, on Wednesday, April 30, 2014.

Photo:  My friendly bartendress, Dionne, who is a very friendly person, and helped me enjoy three bottled Budweiser beers.

Photo:  "Bowser" is always welcome at a friendly bar, like Winners Circle Bar.

Photo:  Dionne, a couple of locals, and I share a friendly laugh.

Photo:  Thursday, May 01, 2014, I'm back at Winners Circle Bar, enjoying a pitcher of beer.  Such a friendly place!

Friendly people, local character, and is as "Holbrook" as Holbrook can be, Winners Circle Bar is a "winner" in every respect.

Winners Circle Bar
466 Navajo Blvd.
Holbrook, AZ 86205

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