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Every once in a while, you come across a restaurant that offers everything, and more, that's good in a restaurant, including friendly people, superior food, character, and that intangeable "something extra" factor.  Friends, I found all of the above and more at Poco and Mom's...

Photo:  Tuesday morning, April 29, 2014, I arrived at Poco and Mom's to enjoy not only a superior breakfast, but the company of some of the friendliest people in Tucson.

Photo:  Barbara talks to the kitchen staff through the window, of the semi-open kitchen.  Photo taken at the entrance to the restaurant, and shows the small dining room, but there is a row of tables to the left, which are not pictured in the photo.  On this Tuesday morning, there were three women working tables, and three men in the kitchen, and every one of them took time out of their busy routine to chat with me.  I seated myself at the counter on the stool next to the cash register.

Photo:  I asked the staff if I could take photos, for this write-up, and I was rewarded with a very enthusiastic YES! Friendly Christina is about ready to pick up an order from the kitchen window, and she grins for my camera.  She told me that she felt like a model, as I was taking so many photos... Really, I "might" have taken only a dozen or so photos during my visit, but I suppose that is at least eleven more photos than most photos take.  Anyway, I told Christina that she is prettier than any professional model that I've ever seen - I mean it - and she appreciated my compliment.  She's not just a pretty face, but she's a friendly person, and very nice.

Photo:  After I placed myself at the counter and ordered coffee, my friendly server, Jessica asked me if I'd like some chips and salsa, and of course, it was a "yes" on my part!  I noted the chips were crisp and warm, and the salsa was fresh, as Jessica told me that it's made in-house.  What a great way to begin an enjoyable breakfast!

Photo:  My friendly server, Jessica, gives my coffee cup a refill, and never allowed my cup to run dry.  In addition to coffee, she brought me a glass of ice water, which is always a nice touch.  I got to talking to her, and told her my restaurant "mission," which is to chit-chat, eat, enjoy, photograph, and, ultimately publish an article on my Facebook page, and this web site.  She, and the other staff, were more than happy to be photographed, to chat with me, and to answer the many questions that I always ask.  Since I explained my "mission," as  a food writer, she volunteered to give me a bowl of their salsa verde, as she wanted my opinion of what I thought about their salsa verde.  The salsa verde was delicious, fresh, as it had just been made, but it was just a tad too warm for my taste buds.  

Photo:  The three friendly servers, working on this Tuesday morning, from left to right:  Christina, Barbara and Jessica.  They referred to each other as "P.I.A.," or "P.I.C.," and when I quizzed Barbara what that was all about she said that was an abbreviation for "pain in the ass," so I can only imagine what "P.I.C." stands for, but I won't print it. But she was quick to point out that they were just kidding around and that all really liked each other, and worked well as a team.  As they worked together, the staff sang, laughed and joked with each other, myself and other customers.  I mentioned to Barbara that they should be known as "Poco's Glee Club," which brought a huge laugh from everybody.  Truly a friendly restaurant!

Photo:  My friendly server, Jessica, brings my breakfast to the counter.  Check out the last photo in this article for my description of the wonderful breakfast I enjoyed at Poco and Mom's.

Photo:  "Beauty and the Beast," in that the food is the "Beauty" and I am the "Beast."  Friendly Jessica took my photo, as per my request, as I was about ready to dig into this superior breakfast.

Photo:  Poco and Mom's menu, and their web site, describes their cuisine as "American and New Mexico Style Mexican Food."  OK, that's a new description to me, but whatever you want to call it, I call it OUTSTANDINGLY DELICIOUS!  From the "Mexican Breakfast Specials" section of the menu, I ordered the Carne Asada plate, which the menu describes as "Grilled beef sirloin, seasoned with onions and lime.  Served with two eggs, homemade refried beans, and a flour tortilla."  Such a delicious breakfast, served by friendly people, at the friendliest restaurant EVER!

Occasionally, I find it difficult to do a write-up of a restaurant, as perhaps it was bad, and I feel I just choose my words carefully, blasť, or just plan forgettable.  Not so at Poco and Mom's, as this restaurant combines EVERYTHING that I cherish in a restaurant, and it was a joy and a pleasure to not only dine at this fine restaurant, but to publish the write-up.  I'm still "blown away" by the fine dining experience I enjoyed at Poco and Mom's...

Poco and Mom's
1060 S. Kolb Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85710
520 325-7044

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