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The glory days of Route 66 are alive and well in Holbrook, Arizona, and you if you're a lover of Route 66, Mexican food, and the Navajo Nation, there is no better restaurant to enjoy than Mr. Maesta's.  You'll enjoy wonderful Mexican, Navajo and American cuisine...

Photo:  Are you fascinated with Route 66?  Do you love great food?  Mr. Maesta's, located on Navajo Blvd., - old Route 66 - claims they serve the "best food" in town.  I won't judge, as all I know from my visit, the food is good.

Photo:  Wow!  The decor just "hits you in the face" as you walk into the restaurant.  This is it... Funky?  Route 66? Roadhouse?  I don't know how to describe it, so I'll just allow the photo to do the talking.  I placed myself at the end of the small, 3-stool breakfast counter, near the center of the photo.  The main "dining room," is to the left of this photo; see next photo.  This area has the counter, a few small tables, and a large amount of Route 66 memorabilia for sale as souvieneers of your visit to Holbrook.

Photo:  The interior of the restaurant is basically "L-shaped," and the main dining area is to your right, as you walk in the front door.  Photo is taken from the end of the dining room, looking towards the area where you enter the restaurant.  On this early Wednesday evening, April 30, 2014, I was the only patron in the restaurant, which sort of surprised me.

Photo:  Mr. Maesta's serves mostly Mexican cuisine, so a bowl of chips and salsa is offered with every meal.  Yes, the chips are warm and fresh, and the salsa is made in-house, and it's just SO GOOD!  I was offered the choice between red or green salsa, and I asked, "which is hotter," and the answer was red, so I chose red over green.  Red light... green light?  You choose...

Photo:  My charming server, Vonna, brings my order of a "Navajo Taco" to me, and arrives with a pretty, and friendly smile.  Vonna was very friendly, and told me she was born and raised in Phoenix, but moved to Holbrook, which seems like a wise choice to me.  She was a joy and a pleasure to have as a server, and I tipped her accordingly. What is a "Navajo Taco?"  Read on...

Photo:  Vonna willingly snapped my photo, as I pose with my "Navajo Taco," chips, salsa, and beer.  Check out the funky decoration in the background, which reflects upon the Route 66 heritage that Mr. Maesta's enjoys.

Photo:  Time for honesty:  Today, April 30, 2014, was my first visit... ever, to the Navajo Nation, so I had absolutely no idea of what a "Navajo Taco" was all about.  To digress a bit, after I checked into the nearby motel, I quizzed the manager about nearby restaurants, and he directed me to Mr. Maesta's, and he recommended that I try the "Navajo Taco," as he said it was a local favorite, as Holbrook is part of the Navajo Nation.  I'm always on the lookout for local cuisine, so tonight's choice was a "no brainier" for me...

So, what is a "Navajo Taco?"  It starts with a piece of flat bread, about the size of a "personal pizza," and is covered with beans, chili, shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce, onions, and more.  It's a local Holbrook favorite, and a favorite of visitors to the Navajo Nation.  I can truly say, the "Navajo Taco" is truly a favorite of mine.

Funky, cluttered, "Route 66" decor, friendly people, fabulous food... you can't find a better place to enjoy delicious food than at Mr. Maesta's, in Holbrook, AZ.

Mr. Maesta's
502 Navajo Blvd.
Holbrook, AZ 86025
928 524-6000

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