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Like police officers and truck drivers, airplane pilots appreciate good food, and some of the best food can be found at small, regional airports, such as the Kingman Airport, otherwise known as "IGM."  On Monday, May 5, 2014, I deferred from my traditional "Route 66" dining pattern, and sidetracked to Kingman Airport Caf, located at the Kingman Airport, in Kingman, AZ.

Photo:  Kingman Airport Caf is located at the municipal airport, next to one of the highest, unused towers that I've ever seen.  Kingman Airport started out as an army airport, during WW2, and has morphed into becoming a regional hub in northwest Arizona for private pilots.  It also has a huge aviation "boneyard," due to the mostly dry climate.  OK, I wasn't here to check out airplanes, I was here for the food!

Photo:  As you would expect, the dining room is decorated with airplane photos and aviation memorabilia.  On this early Monday morning, May 05, 2014, I had the empty dining room to myself.

Photo:  The beautiful arrangement of the cream seems to be a "Arizona" thing, and it's alive and well at Kingman Airport Caf.  I LOVE the coffee mug, which sports an image of the vintage control tower.

Photo:  Breakfast is served!  As most pilots appreciate a good breakfast, Kingman Airport Caf is open for breakfast and lunch only, so you know they're dead serious about providing a great breakfast. I ordered the "#5 Ball Gunner" as a half-pound patty of hamburger sounded good on this Monday morning.

Photo:  I managed to "sneak a peek" into the kitchen, where is saw the staff busy at work, as they prepared fine food, as the radio played country music from a local radio station.  True, local flavor, and local  !

Photo:  My friendly server, Judy, brings my "Ball Gunner" breakfast to my table, and poses for my digital camera. Thanks, darling!

Photo:  What is a "#5 Ball Gunner" breakfast?  I'm glad you asked, as it includes two eggs, cooked to your specifications - over easy for me, thank you - potatoes, either hash browns or home fries - home fries for me, thank you - toast, sourdough for me, and a half-pound ground beef patty, cooked the way you want it - I like mine medium - and a lot of t.l.c. and good service on the side.  A bottomless mug of delicious coffee rounds out the meal.

Photo: My charming server, Judy took my photo, as I enjoyed my delicious breakfast.  Yes, I deviated from Route 66 to enjoy breakfast at Kingman Airport Caf, but the food was delicious, the service was friendly, and I can truly say, if you're a "roadie," a "foodie," or a pilot, Kingman Airport Caf is a great place to enjoy a delicious breakfast.

I'm not totally convinced that Kingman Airport Caf serves the best food in the world, nor would I divert 500 miles off my flight plan to enjoy their fine food.  But, Kingman Airport Caf is unique, a local place, and a real "gem," hidden in the shadows of one of the few Army aircraft towers remaining from WW2.  When you touchdown in Kingman, or if you're driving through on historic Route 66, a visit to Kingman Airport Caf would be a good choice for breakfast.

Kingman Airport Cafe
6000 Flightline Dr.
Kingman, AZ 86401
928 757-4420

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