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Early Friday afternoon, May 02, 2014, I checked into to one of the two Motel 6 motels, located in Flagstaff.  For some crazy reason, I was in the mood for pizza, so I asked the desk clerk for her recommendation of a good pizza restaurant in Flagstaff.  She didn't hesitate, as she recommended Fratelli Pizza, so after I got my gear put away, and tidied up my motel room, I was on the way to Fratelli Pizza.

Photo:  Fratelli Pizza is located in a small shopping center, and features plenty of parking.

Photo:  The photo really doesn't show how busy the restaurant is, but, trust me, on this early Friday afternoon in May, it's busy!  There are lots of television monitors tuned to news or baseball, so as you wait for your pizza, you'll never be bored.

Photo:  The kitchen is open, and the staff is friendly, so it's a winning combination.  As I pay for my pizza, and snap a photo, I'm rewarded with a world-class smile from the friendly cashier.

Photo:  I ordered a pizza called "The Works," and a small side salad, as I hadn't enjoyed a salad in almost a week, and a salad sounded good.  I seated myself at the bar, and my salad, along with a small container of ranch dressing - I requested my dressing be served on the side - arrived almost immediately.  I suspect the salad was "made in advance," but whatever the case, it was fresh, delicious, and definitely met my expectations of a great salad.

Photo:  I sat at the bar, enjoyed the atmosphere, but since I had to drive back to my motel, only three miles away, I wasn't able to enjoy any beer or wine.  Water was my beverage of choice for tonight's dinner.  I noted the bar has a very good selection of beer and wine.  Note to self:  Stay in a motel room within walking distance, or shell out the money for a cab ride home.  

Photo:  After a wait of only 15 minutes, my personal size pizza arrives.  Thanks, pizza guy, for allowing me to snap your photo!

Photo:  Yours truly, a glass of water, and my "Works" pizza, as I sit at the counter, and wonder why I can't afford a cab ride back to my motel.  Seriously, the beer was tempting, but a D.U.I. is the last souvenir that I need from the great State of Arizona, so I drank water, and enjoyed my pizza, sans beer.

Photo:  My personal size "The Works" pizza.  Like the name implies, it has everything, including pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, onion, peppers, olives, and more.  The crust was cooked to a golden brown, the toppings were perfectly cooked, ditto for the sauce and the cheese.  This was ONE GREAT PIZZA!!!  The local newspaper, Arizona Sun, has voted Fratelli Pizza as the best pizza restaurant in Flagstaff.  Well, I'm not a resident of Flagstaff, but I can tell you this is a delicious pizza!

The pizza was GREAT!  As busy as this place was at 1700 of a Friday afternoon, I can only imagine what it would be like later in the evening.  But, this restaurant definitely serves a "WOW!" pizza, and it's a family-friendly, comfortable place to spend a late Friday afternoon.  The motel desk clerk was correct, as Fratelli Pizza serves an outstanding pizza!

Fratelli Pizza
2120 North 4th St.
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
928 714-9700

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