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Family owned and operated, Birrieria Guadalajara serves delicious Mexican and American food.  Take note if you love menudo:  Menudo is served every day, from the time the restaurant opens, until they run out of their fine brew. To top it off:  You can choose between "rojo" or "blanco" menudo!  I sampled both styles, and both were delicious!  Read on...

Photo:  The restaurant is quite unpretentious, but the food is good, the people are friendly, and there is lots of free and easy parking.  On this Monday morning, April 28, 2014, I had the restaurant to myself.

Photo:  Birrieria Guadalajara features enclosed patio dining, as they have a full-service, enclosed patio, which features seating for many people.  I suspect, from looking at the construction, that "back in the day," this restaurant used to be a classic "American Graffiti" drive-in variety restaurant, but all of that heritage has been replaced by a screened-in patio, and very civilized dining.  Of course, delicious Mexican food!

Photo:  As you walk in the front door, through the patio, you'll see the order counter, with the extensive menu posted above it.  You also have the choice of using a "regular" menu, or, a paper, "take-out" menu."  Birrieria Guadalajara opens at 0700, so they're an excellent choice for breakfast...  You place your order at the window, and you can pay for it as your order, or you can pay for it later; it's your choice.

Photo:  What I assume to be the "original" part of the restaurant, before the patio was screened in, offers a counter, and three small tables, for true indoor dining, which isn't an important fact in Tucson.  When I dine alone, and take photos for web site write-ups, if a restaurant has a counter, that is where I prefer to sit, as it usually allows me better access to the kitchen, and allows me to chat with the staff, as they perform their jobs.  Today at Birrieria Guadalajara, I was sitting on the stool in the lower right corner of the photo; you can see my coffee cup on the counter.  At 0800, I was the only customer, but that changed, as the place really started filling up shortly after my friendly server placed my bowl of menudo on the counter in front of me.  Time to, "dig in, pig out, and enjoy...!"

Photo:  The kitchen is mostly open, and easy to photograph.  The large pots contain menudo:  The pot on the left contains menudo "rojo" and the pot on the right has the "blanco" version.  If you're a lover of menudo, Birrieria Guadalajara is "your" restaurant.

Photo:  As I sat at the counter, I was able to watch my friendly server spoon menudo rojo from the large pot, into a bowl, and place the bowl of the delicious soup on the counter, before me.

Photo:  Here I pose, with my breakfast of menudo.

Photo:  Breakfast fit for a champion or a king:  Menudo at Birrieria Guadalajara!  On this Monday morning, I chose the "rojo" variety, which is most common in northern Mexico, California, and Arizona.  Instead or corn tortillas, I was served toasted French bread, which is a curiosity in Tucson.  Whatever oddities existed, the menudo was HEAVENLY, as it had lots of tripe, hominy, and the broth was cooked perfectly.  OK, no corn tortillas, but the menudo was good!

Photo:  Wednesday morning, April 30, 2014, I came back to sample the Menudo Blanco, as I hadn't eaten "Menudo Blanco" in over 15 years!  It was good, but I'll take the Menudo Rojo any day, any time.  Today, my menudo was served with corn tortillas.  I'm a bit confused from the previous visit, but confusion aside, the price is good, and the price is right.

Birrieria Guadalajara is the kind of restaurant that I absolutely LOVE, as they serve delicious food, the price is right, the staff is very friendly, and it's a one-of-a-kind, locally owned and operated restaurants.  For great people, great food and a lot more, your dining experience in Tucson should include Birrieria Guadalajara.

Birrieria Guadalajara
304 E. 22nd. St.
Tucson, AZ 85713
520 624-8020

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