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According to Wikipedia, and I quote them, "Union Pacific 1983 is an EMD SD70ACe locomotive owned by Union Pacific Railroad. It is one of UP's locomotives painted in the scheme of a predecessor railroad. UP 1983 is painted in Western Pacific Railroad colors. The locomotive was unveiled together with number 1982(painted in honor of Missouri Pacific Railroad) in a private ceremony on July 30, 2005, in Omaha, Nebraska, after which it entered regular revenue service."

Photo:  Monday, March 19, 2007, I was lucky enough to catch UP #1983 leading a westbound frieght at M.P. 107.8, just east of Roseville.  I was just coming back from a four wheeling trip and spotted her leading the consist, and I must admit that I did a double-take!  

Photo:  Life is good, and the Western Pacific Railroad is alive and well, thanks to Union Pacific #1983.  If you can say "Western Pacific," then you'll love this SD70ACe, and you'll love U.P.R.R. for preserving it's heritage.

Such a treat to see a fine unit, painted in a heritage paint scheme, in revenue service.  Thank you, Union Pacific Railroad for acknowledging your "family" heritage, and paying tribute to those who have gone before you.

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