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Railtown 1897 is a California State Park, located in Jamestown, California, which is the site of the Sierra Railway freight depot, roundhouse, turntable, and many original steam locomotives, freight cars, and passenger cars.  If you're a railroad buff, you should visit this place, as it's both original, and unique.

Photo:  Baldwin RS4TC01 #1265, and Alco MRS1 #613 are parked in front of the Jamestown roundhouse on this early Friday afternoon, January 10, 2014.  #613 is mostly used as a yard switcher, but is also used for excursion trains when the steam engines are down for maintenance.

Photo:  A peek inside the round house shows three of the four operating steam engines owned by Railtown 1897. You probably recognize #3, in the foreground, as she's been in countless movies over the years, has recently been rebuilt, and certified for safe operation.  Shay #2 is in the middle of the photo, and Mikado, #34 is to the rear.  Not shown in the photo is #28, which is undergoing a complete overhaul, and should be operation by summer of 2015.

Photo:  Recently restored caboose number 7, parked outside the roundhouse.

Photo:  Pickering Lumber Company, #7, a 3-truck Shay locomotive, reposes on a side track near the Master Mechanic's Warehouse.  The car barn is in the rear of the photo.

Photo:  Pickering Lumber Company cabooses #03 and #05 await restoration at Railtown 1897.

Photo:  If you've ever seen the television show, Petticoat Junction, you'll recognize this scene, of the Jamestown water tower.  The station is in the rear of the photo, and the "Main Line" to Sonora curves off the right of the photo.

If you're a railroad history buff, you can't miss this place, as Railtown 1897 has the last remaining fully operational original roundhouse, complete with original steam engines, in the United States. Trains operate every weekend from April to October, on the hour, from 1100 to 1500.  I'll see you there...

Railtown 1897
5th and Reservoir Streets
Jamestown, Ca 95327

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