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Last Thursday, we had the opportunity to spend a pleasant afternoon with my friend of 50-something years, Rosi, and she was kind enough to give us the remains of the fabulous Portuguese Sweet bread we enjoyed with dinner, and a loaf of French bread she baked for the occasion, and sent home with us to enjoy.

Photo:  Sunday, May 11, 2014, we finished the Portuguese Sweet bread that our friend Rosi sent home with us, and today, it was time to carve into the loaf of home-baked French bread she sent home with us.  There is nothing like Rosi's home-baked bread!

Photo:  Close-up of Rosi's French bread.  I have a tendency to like thick slices, so I sliced the bread to my liking.

Photo:  Ah, Rosi's French bread provided the foundation for a delicious ham sandwich!  Rosi's bread, two slices of ham, tomato, lettuce and pasilla pepper.  Of course, mustard for garnish.  Mmmmm good!

Occasionally, Rosi bakes bread, and sells it at the local farmer's market in the area of eastern Kern County where she lifes.  Due to the quality, effort, and the "love" she puts into her bread, it's a robust seller.  Thanks, Rosi for a great loaf of bread, which made the base of an outstanding ham sandwich!

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