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I love to eat, and in keeping with my love of food, I love to cook!  Cooking is a pleasure, and not a chore, and I'm always rewarded at "the end of the day" by something good to eat.  This chapter features photos and write-ups of meals that I've posted on my Facebook page, mostly arranged in chronological order.  Newest entries are presented first, and this file is an ongoing evolution.

Photo:  Texas style stacked enchiladas.  This recipe came out of a Tex-Mex cookbook, and it's about as Texas as the Alamo.  Basically, it's three corn tortillas, deep-fried, coated in enchelada sauce, and stuffed with diced onions and shredded Mexican cheese.  The enchilada is covered with Texas-style gravy, and a fried egg perches on top.  Yes, this is authentic cusine!  February 25, 2014.

Photo:  Grilled chicken, cooked outdoors, on my Weber gas grill.  The skin was pulled back, rubbed with Pappy's rub, and a piece of bacon was placed on the meat, and the skin was put back in place.  The meat was seared over high heat, removed from the fire, wrapped, and baked over indirect heat.  About 10 minutes before the chicken was ready, I applied a coat of homemade Kansas City style barbecue sauce.  A twice-baked potato, and grilled squash, garnished in salsa verder rounds out the meal.

Photo:  Dinner by the fire, and the kerosene lantern.  Grilled bratwurst, grilled potatoes, ketchup for potato dipping, and an ice-cold Tecate beer in a frozen mug.  Just the dinner for Tuesday, February 11, 2014.

Photo:  Monday, October 14, 2013, we enjoyed an evening at our oldest daughter's place, in Las Vegas, and she cooked a fantastic meal on her outdoor gas grill. We enjoyed pork ribs, chicken, beans, fresh corn, and rice.  Such a feast!

Photo:  Wednesday, July 09, 2008, I enjoyed two grilled Ortega cheeseburgers, complete with pasilla pepper, avocado, onion, tomato, Provalone cheese, and a lot more.  

Photo:  Wedensday, July 09, 2008, I'm happy, as I grill Ortega cheeseburgers on my Weber Genesis gas grill.

Photo:  Friday evening, March 14, 2008, in keeping with St. Patrick's Day, Sharlene cooked a delicious dinner of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots.  Not shown in the photo is the gravy... Mmmmm good!

Photo:  Friday, March 14, 2008, I had the day off work, so I treated myself to a decent breakfast of potatoes O'Brien, sausage links, fresh salsa, and two eggs, fried over easy, that I actually was able to cook without breaking the yolk. This was a delicious breakfast!

Photo:  Two days after Thanksgiving, Saturday, November 25, 2006, I made a delicious breakfast of S.O.S. and two fried eggs. If you've ever served in the U.S. military, you're familiar with S.O.S., and you'll either love it, or hate it. Personally, I love it!  Click here for the recipe.

Thanks for visiting, and sharing my eating adventures with me.  Bon appetite!

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