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Today, Wednesday, February 19, 2014, was sort of a lazy day, as I'm still not able to do a whole lot, as I'm still recuperating from a fall that I suffered last week.  So, just for laughs, I decided to publish EVERYTHING I had to eat today.  It's healthy, but the vegans won't like it, as I ate three ounces of chicken at dinner...

Photo:  Today's breakfast was a naval orange, an apple, and four strawberries.  On this February morning, both strawberries and oranges were in season, but I paid $1.99 a pound for oranges, which translates to about $.85 each. Yikes!  Contrast that price to chicken, which I paid $.79 per pound.  Go figure.  Since apples aren't in season, I assume they probably came from Chile.

Photo:  Lunch was a piece of toasted French bread, with sliced tomato, topped with half a mashed avocado, along with lime juice.  This makes an excellent low-calorie, delicious, healthy lunch.

Photo:  My favorite meal, dinner.  Three ounces of baked chicken, homemade cowboy beans, baked spaghetti squash, baked cabbage, and a tossed-green salad.  Oregano and La Guacamaya, con limon, which is my favorite variety of sauce, purchased in Mexico during my last trip, was used to add bling! to the meal.  Instead of salad dressing, I used balsamic vinegar and lime juice, to enhance the salad.

Contrary to many of my posts, I eat healthy most of the time, and at nearly 62 years old, I wear the same size of jeans I wore in High School, and my Navy uniform fits me loosely.  Bon appetite!

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