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It was time for most of the inside of our house to be painted, but due to the very high ceilings, awkward angles, and about a hundred other reasons, we chose to hire professional painters to paint the inside of our house.  We're glad we did, even though we had to pay them, as they completed the job in three days, and the same job would have probably taken us six weeks.  The painting started Thursday, May 22, 2014, and was completed Saturday afternoon, May 24th.  It was worth the money to pay these folks to save us from the labor and the inconvenience.

Photo:  Lead painter Tom is high on the ladder, as his buddy, Dave steadies the ladder.  These guys rigged up a base to steady the extension ladder, so Tom could safely paint the high walls that face the staircase. As professionals, these guys protected everything with drop cloths, or whatever they couldn't drop cloth, they protected with masking tape.  If you need a good painter, contact me, as these guys are good!

Photo:  Tom "cuts a line" high on a ladder, in the living room.  These guys don't need masking tape to cut a straight line, as they told me, "the bigger the brush, the straighter the line."  Whatever their theory, the accomplished in a couple of days what it would take me a couple of months to do.

Photo:  Tom cuts a line high above the stairs, as Dave rolls the high wall in the living room.  A ladder is set up in the kitchen, ready to go.

Photo:  Painting the kitchen.  Tom told me the kitchen was the hardest room in the house to paint, and I believe him, as it took a lot of stretching to reach over the kitchen cabinets.

Photo:  Dave works on one of the accents areas, above the stairs, while Tiffany paints around the windows in the family room.

Photo:  Dave steadies the ladder as Tom paints the shutters outside.  This took a lot of precise coordination on the part of our painters.

Photo:  Our family room, after the painting was finished, and the furniture was put back in place.  Note the white doors and baseboards, the beige walls, and the accent wall in the rear of the photo.  

If you need your house painted, feel free to contact me, and I can get you in touch with Tom and his crew, as these guys are true professionals, and did a great job, at a very reasonable price.

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