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Reviews of restaurants we've enjoyed during our travels to the states of Baja California,  and Baja California, Mexico.  

Molcas Taco Shop:  Simply the friendliest restaurant in town!  Features authentic, Mexican street food, grilled on a charcoal-fired grill on the street in front of the restaurant.  Located in Los Algodones.

La Palapa:  Family owned and operatd, this friendly restaurant features panoramic views of the harbor, a full-servie bar, and great seafood tacos.  Located in Bahia Tortugas, Baja California Sur.

Restaurant Nelson:  Located inside the landmark Hotel Nelson in downtown Tijuana, Restaurant Nelson serves delicious food, is open to the street, and features a full-service bar.

Magana's Tacos Restaurant Bar:  Located in the small town of La Mision, in the Tijuana municipality, this roadhouse serves a great breakfast, and lots more...

Hot Dog Negro:  World-famous, world-class hot dogs, Negro offers the best hot dogs in town.  Juan sets up his hot dog cart, every weekend evening, on the beach, at Bahia Tortugas.

Taqueria Yanny:  Located at the small town of Vizcaíno, Baja California Sur, this mom and pop restaurant serves full course meals, and delicious carne asada tacos.

Puerto Viejo:  This restaurant's slogan is "Desayunos y Comidas Economicas" and truly delivers on the slogan. Located in Guerro Negro, Baja California Sur.

No Name Pizza:  This pizza restaurant may not have a name, but they serve surprisingly good pizza at very reasonable prices in the small town of Bahia Tortugas.

Taqueria El Poblamo:  Large taco operation that offers many varieties of tacos and tortas in Los Algodones.  A favorite restaurant of Canadian tourists.

Mariscos El Pulinganos:  Offers all varieties of your favorite seafood, Mariscos El Pulinganos is staffed by friendly people, and serves delicious fish tacos.  Located on the Malecon, in Ensenada.

Hot Dog Guys:  Small hot dog and hamburger cart open evenings at the corner of Calle 2 and Av. Constución in downtown Tijuana.  Sells Tijuana-style bacon-wrapped hot dogs.

Asadero El Cebo:  This small, family owned and operated restaurant features delicious carne asada tacos, and more, cooked over mesquite coals. Located in downtown Bahia Tortugas, in Baja Sur.

Mariscos El Caracol:  Serves a huge variety of mariscos and seafood tacos.  I enjoy an octopus taco, which was a first for me.  Located just south of downtown Tijuana, near the tower.

Brother and Sister Hot Dogs:  Small hot dog and hamberger cart, operated by a brother and sister, with mom nearby, who sell good, but but very basis hot dogs for a dollar each.  Located in Tijuana's Zona Centro.

El Museo Restaurant:  Caters to tourists, yet the restaurant offers delicious Mexican cuisine, and offers a great people-watching place.  Located near the Tijuana arch.

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs:  Like most hot dog vendors, this guy only comes out in the late afternoon, and sells delicious Tijuana-style hot dogs at the base of the famous Tijuana arch.

Birreria Teptitlan:  Small roadside restaurant, run by two of the friendliest women you'll ever meet.  Serves homestyle birria tacos, caldo do berria and refried beans.  Located in Ensenada.

Taco Loco:  Located along the famed tourist walk, Articulo 123, this restaurant caters to tourists, but serves authentic Mexican food, and is a favorite of the  Tijuana locals.

The Corn Guys:  Two guys sell roasted corn, grilled on a portable grill attached to a push cart, on the streets of downtown Ensenada every evening, after dark.

Paco's Hot Dogs:  Grilled, bacon wrapped hot dogs served from small cart, located at the corner of 4th and Negrete, in downtown Tijuana.  Delicious hot dogs!

Tacos Varios:  Manny's tacos have a not-so-secret ingredient that puts his tacos to the head of the line:  Rice.  But that's not all, as his tacos are some of the best in the Zona Centro.

Restaurante Papa Fernandez:  Located on the Sea of Cortez in scenic Gonzaga Bay, Papa Fernandez caters to local fishermen with a delicious breakfast, and a lot more...

Tacos de Cerveza:  This busy taco trailer gets their name from the beer they use in the batter for the fish tacos they serve.  Located in downtown Tijuana.

Tacos La Cunna:  Friendly Miguel and his silent helper prepare some of the most delicious carne asada tacos that you've ever eaten.  Located on Highway 1, in the small town of El Rosario.

Menuderia La Mejor:  As the name implies, this small restaurant specilizes in menudo, and they serve the best menudo in San Vicente.

Birrieria San Vicente:  Advertises "tortillas hecho a mano," and they really do make their corn tortillas by hand, while you watch.  This restaurant serves the best birrieria in San Vicente!

Restaurant La Fuente:  Sure, they cater to tourists, as they're located near the Tijuana Arch, but their food is excellent, the prices are reasonable, and the servers are friendly.  And the menudo is great!

Sanborn's Hermanos:  Landmark, classy Tijuana restaurant that caters to the tastes of Americans, yet serves delicious, traditional, Mexican cuisine.

Birrieria El Paisa:  Specializes in grilled chicken, and serves it with rice, beans, corn tortillas, and a whole restaurant of friendly staff, in Los Algodones.

Calientitos Delicios:  Delicious bacon wrapped hot dogs, grilled to perfection by a street vendor, who sets up his cart under the fabled Tijuana arch.

Restaurant Chencho's:  Offers indoor and patio dining, great food, served by friendly people.  Classic, Mexican "family style" restaurant, located in beautiful San Felipe.

Churros Mary:  Mary sets up her churro cart each day at the base of the famous Tijuana arch, and sells delicious deep fried churros to tourists, and locals alike.

Mariscos La Palapita: Kathy sells mariscos, that's it, but the mariscos she sells are fresh, expertly prepared, and truly delicious!  Fine mariscos in Los Algodones.

Hot Dogs Exquisitos:  Another exquisite hot dog cart, operated by Eduardo, who sells very plain hot dogs at a reasonable price, in downtown Tijuana.

La Parrilla Resaurant and Bar:  Features comfortable patio dining, full service bar, friendly service and delicious, expertly prepared food in Los Algodones.

Tacos Varios "Lily":  Small taco stand located on Av. Amistad, across from McDonald's, just as you go through the border turnstile, as you enter Tijuana from the United States.

Restaurante El Moroco:  Offers great food, and elegant dining, in a very interesting dining room.  If you're a fan of John Wayne and spaghetti westerns, dine at this restaurant!  Amazing food in Bahia Tortugas!

Tacos Biby's:  Mom and son restaurant that operates out of a small, well-worn trailer.  If you're a fan of tacos de tripas, you can't pass this place by... Located in Tijuana's Zona Rio.

Tacos Varios:  Operates from a small cart near the U.S. border in Tijuana, Tacos Varios features a variety of tacos, and is family owned and operated by very friendly people.  

Taqueria Bahia:  If you love delicious seafood tacos, served by  two friendliest women you'll ever have the pleasure to meet, you'll love this small restaurant, located in Bahia de Los Angeles.

Tacos Amistad:  You'll run into this taco stand as soon as you enter Tijuana, and you don't want to pass this on this taco cart, as their tacos are delicious.

Restaurante de Comida China y Cantonesa China-Loa:  Serves delicious, authentic Cantonese Chinese food, in a comfortable dining room, in downtown San Felipe.

Mr. Tequila:  One of the closest watering holes adjacent to the border, Mr. Tequila caters to gringos, but they offer surprisingly-good fish tacos, and $.99 draught beers.  Located in Plaza de Tijuana.

Mariscos El Atracon:  Located on  Ensenada's "Fish Taco Row," near the Fish Market, this restaurant serves decent fish tacos, just like every other fish restaurant in the area.

Tacos Fitos:  A highly-rated taqueria, situated near the huge produce market in the Zona Rio, Tacos Fitos features outstanding birria and tripe tacos, and perhaps the friendliest staff that you'll find in Tijuana.

El Gourmet Restaurant:  Offers a great place to relax, drink beer, watch people, and enjoy good food.  Caters to the taste of American and Canadian tourists in Los Algodones.

Chico's Happy Fish Tacos:  How can you go wrong with a name like Chico's Happy Fish Tacos?  Besides friendly staff and delicious tacos, Chico's offers $1.00 beers, and a great spot to people-watch in Plaza de Tijuana.

El Meño:  Serves custom made tacos al pastor at a price that simply unbelievable.  Just because their tacos are cheap doesn't mean they're not good... they're delicious!  A Tijuana favorite.

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