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Are you an early riser? Are you a connoisseur of a fine breakfast?  If you shine and rise at five, not necessarily in that order, and you're in the mood for one of the most notable breakfasts that Roseville has to offer, than head over to Waffle Barn, as this fine restaurant will have all of your breakfast needs covered.

Photo:  Tuesday morning, January 12, 2016, we paid a visit to Waffle Barn, to enjoy one of the best breakfasts that Roseville has to offer.  Waffle Barn is located in a small shopping center in west Roseville, and offers lots of safe, easy-to-access parking.  If you choose, you can dine outside, but at 0900 on this chilly January morning, there are no hardy diners, who choose to brave the morning cold.  True to form, we chose to dine inside.

Photo:  It's 10 o'clock on this Tuesday morning, and Waffle Barn is a little slow, as they're between the breakfast and lunch crowds.  Slow business makes for good photography... View of the dining room, as you enter the door. Note the counter, and the window to the kitchen to the right of the photo.  The decor is composed of "country" elements, along with lots of banners, posters, figures and photos of local, and NorCal sports teams.  If you're a NorCal sports fan, and your sport is football, baseball, basketball or soccer... Waffle Barn has you covered.

Photo:  I love challenges of all varieties, but as a dedicated "foodie," I especially adore eating challenges. Waffle Barn offers a challenge to those with an enormous appetite:  If you can eat their five-pound "Skillet Breakfast" in one setting, you'll get your name on the "Hall of Fame" at the entrance to the restaurant.  Yes, that's five pounds of meat, cheese, potatoes, gravy and eggs... You don't have a time limit, you can get up for bathroom breaks, but if you can eat this massive breakfast in "one setting" your name will go on the wall, and you'll live forever as one of Waffle Barn's heroes.  Sure, the thought of going for this crossed my mind, but I no longer feel like I'm up to the challenge...

Photo:  Meanwhile, back on Friday, May 23, 2008, family friend Brad Holther, takes the "challenge" and looks amazed at the MOUNTAIN of potatoes, cheese, gravy and meat... along with two fried eggs placed on top of the mountain of delicious breakfast food.  Oh yes... a side of gravy.  Brad gave it the "ol' college try" and was able to eat about half of his meal, and took the rest of his breakfast, along with his pride, his reputation and his dignity, home in a box.  This exploit was well documented in the adventures of the Sacramento Breakfast Club.  After Brad's failed conquest, he ate a lot of "crow" for breakfast during later meetings...

Photo:  After placing our orders, we were treated to fast, friendly and efficient service, from our congenial hostess, Shila.  Our orders arrived less than ten minutes after we placed them.  That's lightning-fast service!  As an aside, our breakfasts were cooked perfectly, as ordered.

Photo:  Thank you, friendly Shila, for taking our photo, as we are ready to enjoy a delicious breakfast at Waffle Barn. Left to right:  Me, Eric, Sharlene, Bev and Dan.  The four of us have been friends for something like fifteen years... Great friends, great food, and a great restaurant!

Photo:  My friend Dan and I are both breakfast addicts - we're ex-military - and pretty much have the same idea of what makes a good breakfast.  We ordered exactly the same breakfast:  Country fried steak, two eggs over easy, country fried potatoes, along with biscuits and gravy.  Bottomless cups of coffee, naturally accompany the meal.  If I was to describe this wonderful breakfast in a single word, I would say "amazing!"  If you're looking to enjoy a wonderful breakfast, Waffle Barn is your breakfast restaurant in Roseville.

I absolutely LOVE the fact that Waffle Barn opens their doors at 5 o'clock in the morning, in order to accommodate the needs of serious breakfast lovers!  Waffle Barn serves a superior breakfast, and the restaurant is staffed by friendly people, the dining room is comfortable, the prices are reasonable, and you will leave with a smile on your face, and a very full stomach.  Trust me, you'll love Waffle Barn.

Waffle Barn
1050 Pleasant Grove Blvd. #100
Roseville, CA 95678
916 783-1752

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