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I consider enjoying a quality meal one of the most important aspects of my life, and I raise my standards when I enjoy a meal at a restaurant, as besides taking care of my daily nutrition requirements, I'm paying for ambiance, presentation, quality of food, and the fact that someone else is doing the cooking, serving the food to me, performing the necessary clean-up chores, and doing the dishes.  So when I dine at a restaurant, I tend to raise "the bar," as since I'm paying for the experience, service and the meal, I expect a quality enjoyment.  If you're a fan of "Authentic Mexican Cuisine," as their take out menu advertises, and you love you'll find yourself at home at Los Cabos Grill, located in beautiful Roseville, California, as they present a quality dining experience, and reasonable prices.

Photo:  Los Cabos Grill is located in a small, new, upscale shopping center, located at the corner of Foothills Blvd. and Pleasant Grove Blvd., in west Roseville, California.  There's plenty of easy, free parking.

Los Cabos Grill defies many established stereotypes, as most folks don't picture a restaurant that serves authentic, grilled, Mexican cuisine to be located in an upscale shopping center, next to a coffee place, where all of the local yuppies hang out, as most folks would picture a restaurant, such a Los Cabos, located, on "the wrong side of town." Indeed, Los Cabos is located in posh digs, in an upscale shopping center, yet their mission is to provide authentic, down-home Mexican cuisine, as they feature some of the best Mexican food that Roseville has to offer. As per the name of the restaurant, most of the meat entreÚs are grilled, not fried, in the style of Baja California, Mexico.

As you enter the restaurant, you'll notice the shiny tile floors, the fresh decor, and just how squeaky clean the place is.  You walk up to the counter, and you're greeted by a friendly guy to take your food, or drink order.  As per the format of most taquerias in Roseville, the menu is posted above the counter, so you make your selection from the menu, the friendly counter guy takes your order, you pay him, and then, if the restaurant is busy, you pick a number, pick a table, and then head over to the salsa and chip bar for all the chips and salsa that you can eat. On this Saturday morning, June 30, 2012, Los Cabos Grill wasn't busy, so I didn't need a number; I just picked a table and helped myself to chips and salsa while waiting for my order to arrive.

Photo:  I had the whole restaurant to myself, as seen in this photo.  The ordering counter is in the center of the photo, the kitchen is directly behind the counter, and the menu is displayed on the wall, to the right.  Not shown in the photo, is the awesome salsa bar, to the left of the soft drink dispenser.

Los Cabos Grill features fast, friendly service, but all good things in life take time, so while you're visiting Los Cabos, you might as well enjoy yourself and take advantage of the free chips and salsa bar.  Naturally, its a all-you-can-eat-help-yourself affair, and the salsa bar features probably the freshest and most delicious fried tortilla chips that I've had the pleasure to enjoy in Roseville, plus several kinds of in-house made salsa, and a big dish of pickled peppers, onions and carrot slices.  All of their salsa is good, but I especially enjoyed their chipotle salsa, as its smoky, delicious, and not terribly hot.

I sat down at a table, and began treating myself a bowl of their fresh tortilla chips, dipped in chipotle salsa, all the while sipping on an icy-cold Pacifico beer, while watching the staff at work.  The dining room is clean, very modern, clean, and has quite subdued decor, via the standards of most Mexican restaurants in Placer County. Soft, traditional, Mexican "banda" music plays in the background, which adds to the laid-back atmosphere.  Los Cabos Grill has one guy who works takes orders, makes change, delivers the food, busses tables, while there are two guys in the kitchen, one of which seems to have the duty to prepare salsa and vegetables, while the other guy performs cooking duties.

Photo:  The chips and salsa bar features all-you-can-eat fried tortilla chips, three varieties of house salsa, and an assortment of pickled jalapeno peppers and carrots.  It's hard to read in the photo, but the salsa is labeled as mild, medium or hot.  I tried all three, and I found that the medium offered the most flavor, with just a hint of heat.  The mild is wimpy, both in taste and heat, and the "hot" isn't really all that hot.

When you order a taco or a torta, at Los Cabos Grill, you get to choose your meat from their extensive selection, which includes carne asada, desebrada, al pastor, carnitas, chile verde, pollo, pollo asado, chorizo, or lengua. Wow!  Normally, I tend to prefer something slightly exotic, such as lengua, but since I was ordering a mid-morning torta, carne asada sounded like a good filling.  You just can't go wrong with carne asada!  I managed to peek into the kitchen, and yes, Los Cabos Grill lives up to their name, as my carne asada was grilled, not fried, which makes for a delicious, healthy meat filling.  

Photo:  Here's a meal to die for:  A delicious carne asada torta, icy-cold Pacifico beer, fresh, mmmm-delicious chipotle salsa, and perhaps the best tortilla chips that I've had the pleasure to enjoy at Roseville taquerias.

Photo:  I'm not shy, so I asked the waiter to take my photo, along with my delicious lunch.  When your order is ready, it's brought to your table by one of the two guys working in the restaurant.

I was just starting on my second helping of their delicious tortilla chips when the friendly waiter brought my torta to my table.  If you're not familiar with what a torta is, its a Mexican sandwich, and in the case of the torta that I ordered from Los Cabos, the sandwich includes carne asada, beans, cheese, sour cream, avocado, lettuce and diced tomatoes, all placed between a large sourdough roll, cut in half.  

Photo:  A close-up photo of one of the most delicious carne asada tortas that I've had the pleasure to enjoy in Roseville taquerias.  I ordered mine with everything, and it even included guacamole, which most restaurants charge extra for.  The carne asada torta was not only delicious, but it was filling and represents an excellent value and a fantastic lunch.

Photo:  Saturday, April 06, 2013, I stopped by again, fully intending to enjoy another carne asada torta, with all the fixin's, but the white board that greeted me near the order counter advertised a special on menudo.  So, how could I pass that one by?  Photo shows my Pacifico beer, tortilla chips from the salsa bar, lime slices, and smoky, "medium" chipoltle salsa.  Los Cabos Grill has some of the best tortilla chips in Roseville, and the salsa bar, although pretty "basic," offers a "basic" selection of condiments, and the chipotle salsa is among the best in the area.

Photo:  Friendly Mida brings my order of menudo, and garnishes to my table with a smile.  Of course when I asked to take her photo, she was hesitant, but the photo shows I snapped her photo at just the right time.  I always tell the staff that I "love to photograph beautiful women," and I do, as Mida is beautiful.  Like most women, she doesn't seem to agree with me, but, alas... that seems to be the fate of a photographer...

Photo:  Mida snapped my photo, as I was poised to enjoy my brunch of menudo.  She wasn't familiar with how to take a photo with an iPhone 5, but she did a super job, and Mida, I thank you for it.

Photo:  My lunch of menudo, with all of the garnishes, corn tortillas, and tortilla chips and salsa from the salsa bar.  The menudo was great, but contained a large chunk of cow's knuckle, and when it was fished out of the bowl - it is for flavoring and you can't eat it, unless you're a lover of fat - reduced the amount of soup by about a third.  I considered talking to the kitchen staff about that, to get a refill, but I really wasn't "all that" hungry, so I just sucked it up.  The menudo didn't have any hominy... what?  Although it was good, I think in the future, I'll stick to tortas...

A carne asada torta from Los Cabos Grill is truly a slice of heaven, as its fresh, juicy, hot, delicious, filling, beautiful to look at, and it truly comforts the soul of a person who enjoys delicious Mexican food.  Not only does Los Cabos provide delicious food at reasonable prices, but they have a modern, state-of-the-art, "squeaky-clean" facility that will shatter any stereotypes of dingy, run-down taquerias.  The food is delicious, the price is right, the staff is friendly, and the dining room is clean and contemporary!  Their menu advertises menudo and birria on weekends, so I'll be checking that out one of these days.

I highly recommend Los Cabos Grill...

Los Cabos Grill
7451 Foothills Blvd. Ste# 180
Roseville, CA 95747
916 784-3575

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