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Many breakfasts in California's San Joaquin Valley feature fried linguica and eggs, and this recipe showcases the way I learned how to make a fine breakfast of linguica and eggs, which is the breakfast of choice to many dairy ranchers, in the San Joaquin Valley.

Special tools:  Cast iron frying pan
Preparation time:  About 10 minutes
Cooking time:  About 10 minutes
Yield:  1 serving

2 eggs
4 oz linguica; I use "Silva" brand, commonly available in the San Joaquin Valley
Salt and pepper to taste
Olive oil; any cooking oil can be substituted

Preheat frying pan to high heat.  While frying pan is heating, slice linguica lengthwise.  When frying pan is up to temperature, place linguica in pan, and cook until slightly brown; about three minutes.  Turn over, and cook until brown on other side, about 2 minutes.  Remove from pan and reserve.

Add olive oil to pan.  Break open eggs and fry in olive oil.  Click on this link to see how I cook fried eggs, over easy.

Left:  Fried linguica to the left of the photo, along with Potatoes O'Brien.  Right:  The complete breakfast of friend linguica, Potatoes O'Brien and fried eggs, over easy.

Serve fried linguica and eggs with toast or potatoes O'Brien, and lots of good coffee.  For brunch, champagne or Bloody Mary's are an appropriate drink, and I never turn down a beer or a Margarita when offered for breakfast.

This is a simple breakfast to prepare and will ensure a wide smile to all of your diners.  This meal is common in California's  San Joaquin Valley, as the valley is home to many second, and third-generation Portugees, who live, work, and own many dairy ranches in the area.  In my dating years, I dated many daughters of these ranchers and learned to enjoy their cuisine, and I especially looked forward to the big Sunday brunches, after Sunday morning Mass, which always included linguica and eggs.  Southern San Joaquin Valley comfort foot, at it's best!

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