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One day, I decided to bend all of the rules associated with a George Foreman grill, and cook a complete breakfast of potatoes O'Brien, scrambled eggs, and link sausage.  Note that since the Forman grill tilted at an angle designed to drain the excess oil and grease into a pan, how are you going to scramble eggs on a George Foreman grill?  After reading the recipe, read how we accomplished this meal on the George Foreman grill.

Special tools:  George Foreman grill, toaster
Preparation time:  About 10 minutes
Cooking time:  About 12 minutes, or "until its done..."
Yield:  1 serving

2 large eggs, any variety
2 links breakfast sausage, any variety; I prefer "Farmer John" brand
1 oz, or so, of  shredded cheese; I use Kraft's "Mexican cheese blend," but your choice in cheese isn't critical
1 medium red potato, diced into 1/4" squares
1/4 white onion, diced
1 jalapeno pepper diced
1 slice sourdough French bread, but use any type of bread, according to taste
Salt and pepper, to taste
Dried oregano, to taste
Butter or margarine, to taste
Cooking spray, any brand will work, but we prefer "PAM"

Preheat grill, spray with cooking spray.  While grill is heating, dice potato, onion and pepper; reserve and set aside. Break eggs into bowl, add shredded cheese, salt, pepper and oregano, to taste.  Note:  It takes about 10 minutes for the grill to achieve grilling temperature, so that provides ample time to dice and prepare ingredients.

When grill is ready, add potato and spread evenly over about 1/2 of the left side of the grill.  After cooking about 5 minutes, or until grill marks start to appear, add sausage links to right of the potatoes.  Cook another 2 minutes, or until grill marks begin to appear on sausage, and add diced pepper and onion mixture to potatoes.  Mix pepper and onion pieces with potato pieces and spread evenly over the left side of grill.

This would be an excellent time to put the piece of toast into the toaster.  I prefer my toast medium, which takes about 2 minutes to toast.  When toast is ready, evenly spread butter or margarine over the toast, cut in half and set aside.

Add egg mixture "around" the sausage links.  Cook for about 4 minutes, until the eggs are done according to your taste.  Remove from grill, add salt and pepper, according to taste to the potatoes O'Brien, and serve immediately.

This is not a "plug" for a George Foreman grill.  However, if I was to choose only one other counter appliance outside a microwave oven and a coffee maker, a George Foreman grill would be my choice.  We've had ours for about six months, and I've put it to "the test" and I know its strong points and weaknesses.  If you keep in mind its limitations and what it was designed to do, a George Foreman grill is a necessary ingredient to a well-equipped kitchen.

Left:  Diced potato, pepper and onion, and other ingredients are prepared while the grill is heating up.  Right:  The potato mixture to the left is almost done, the sausages are grilled, and its time to add the egg mixture.

The front of the George Foreman grill is sloped at a 20-degree angle to allow the unwanted liquids to drain into a drip pan, that is placed in front of the grill, during normal grilling operation.  So how do you cook scrambled eggs on a grill that features a 20-degree slope without all of the scrambled eggs running into the drip pan?  Simple: The answer is called elevation.

Left:  I lift the grill and breakfast is ready.  Right:  The breakfast, complete with buttered toast.  I cut the scrambled eggs in two, and stacked the two pieces together in this photo.

I took the easy way out and stacked two plastic cutting boards together, and elevated the front of the grill by exactly 7/8" to achieve a level surface.  Thus, I negated all of the Foreman's drain-it-off-for-health features and made it a not-so-healthy grill, but a good grill to cook my delicious breakfast.  Sure I broke all of the rules, but it was fun to break them and the end result was a delicious breakfast, which only contained around 500 calories, and kept me going until dinner.

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