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Editor's note:  This article was written by Jerry Flinn, with minor editing from the editor of this web site.  

As with all of my  restaurant reviews, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Saturday afternoon, March 25, 2006, my wife and I were driving south on Main Street, in Donna, in the lower Rio Grande Valley of great state of Texas, and we were hot and very thirsty, as it was a warm day for late March.  Out of the blue, I spotted a sign that said "milkshakes"... I was so surprised that I drove past it and had to make a u-turn; well I just couldn't believe our luck!   And in front of our eyes was White's Diner, the "primo" ice cream place in Donna, Texas.

Photo:  The unpretentious facade of White's Diner, on Main Street, in Donna Texas.  The restaurant is located on the main street of the small town of Donna, Texas.

Photo:  Jeff White is at the machine that makes the shaved ice.  You'll notice the bottles that contain the various flavors which make the shaved ice sooo good!

Naturally, the place was cool inside and they had milkshakes made with Breyer's ice cream.  I stood at the counter admiring the many flavors:   Tough decision, what to do?   I finally settled on the homemade chocolate ice cream; Jeff White told me the exact name of the variety, but word has escaped me.  It is almost like a double chocolate ice cream sundae, with large pieces of very rich chocolate candy, planted all over the thing.  OH YEAH!!. Sooooooooooh good!   This is probably the richest milkshake I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy, and believe me, I've had a few.

My wife Edna had sort of the same problem; but, her tastes are simpler, as she decided that a vanilla milkshake would suffice for her treat.  She invited me to give it a taste, and, oh boy! ... She was right on the money!

Ice cream milkshake comes at a price, but at White's, the price for a slice of heaven is only $2.30, a bargain anywhere, including the lower Rio Grande Valley, for a shake of this quality.  After eating the shake, I told them that I'd work for food, but my offer seemed to scare them.  Well, maybe next time...

Photo:  Brothers Jeff and Wayne White ready to scoop some fantastic ice cream.  

Photo:  Wayne, at the grill of White's, cooking pancakes and bacon, for this late morning breakfast.

However, by our second visit, it was time for lunch, so milkshakes weren't on our menu.  For lunch, I ordered a chili cheese dog, for the price of $1.05, and Edna's taste demanded a bacon cheeseburger, for the price of only $2.00. When queried about the cheeseburger, Edna replied with one word, "delicious."' Well spoken.

We shared an order of chili-cheese fries, which is one of our favorite side dishes.  Actually the chili-fries could be a lunch for one person, as the order is absolutely gigantic, but the price small at only $2.49.

Photo:  Lou Graham is very satisfied with his meal, and he's glad that we've snapped his photo, as he's enjoying a cup of coffee at White's.  

Photo:  Friends Cora Karmbach and Gladys O'Toole are at White's for their delicious ice cream, and the good company...

The entire cost of our meal was about $9.50 including our 15% tip, which was an excellent value.  White's also have many other ice cream dishes, along with many other good ol' lunch and dinner treats. Now, White's isn't fancy, but just straight-up good food.  And in the summer heat, the place is an oasis...

Photo: Check these chili-cheese fries; a speciality of White's.   

Photo:  Anita Garcia and Andy Garcia, no relation to one another except as friends, enjoy a lunch of hambergers, at White's Diner, in Donna, Texas.  Come for the ice cream and stay for the burgers at White's Diner.

White's Diner
101 N. Main St.
Donna, TX 78537
956 221-2413

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