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Historic Route 66 passes directly through the small town of Texola, OK, which is located just east of the Texas/Oklahoma state line.  Since the Interstate bypassed the small town, it has reverted into a "near ghost" town, and if you're a history buff, there are many sights to explore, and many things to do.  However, if you're a "foodie," or if you're just plain hungry, there's The Tumbleweed Grill, located in Texola on historic Route 66.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  How many ways can you say the word "rustic?"  The Tumbleweed Grill is co-located with the "Country Store," and the "Waterhole" and has been a fixture on historic Route 66 since the 1930's.  It's almost noon on Wednesday, September 12, 2018, and I've stopped by The Tumbleweed Grill in Texola, Oklahoma to enjoy a lunch of their famous "Route 66 Cheeseburger" along with an order of fries.

Photo:  The "unofficial greeters" who seemed to ignore me as I walked up the wood stairs, on to the front porch, as I entered the restaurant.  The restaurant is co-located with a general store, that advertises itself as "the only store with 10 miles of Texola."  The store does sell "general merchandise," including food, but it mainly seems to cater to Route 66 souvenirs, such as tee shirts, posters, plaques and coffee mugs.  

The "unofficial greeters" seemed to be on a prolonged snooze break, as the main honcho didn't even wake up, and his lieutenants merely gave me a wary look.

Photo:  As you walk past the "greeters" sleeping on the front porch, as you enter the restaurant/general store, you'll see a white board that announces the daily specials.  Oh yes... you'll definitely notice  the racks of tee shirts!

Photo:  Here it is... the general store/restaurant combined.  Besides general merchandise, the store sells just about every Route 66 souvenir and gift that you can imagine, and then hundreds more that you can't...   How they keep inventory in this cluttered room is anybody's guess.

Photo:  The restaurant and the general store are co-located in the same building, and with the exception of the tables, it's hard to tell where the store ends or the restaurant begins, as they're sort of mixed and matched.  The main dining room is mostly separate from the store - as you enter the restaurant look to your left - and offers cozy dining in a very rustic atmosphere.  I chose to dine at one of the tables in the store portion of the building.

Photo:  Meet Masel Z., a lady who was wearing many hats, as she was the sole employee on duty today.  This charming lady is a friendly as friendly can be, and she welcomed me during my visit, cooked me an outstanding cheeseburger, and treated me as a member of her family.

Photo:  The Tumbleweed Grill's menu.  I note that breakfast is served anytime the restaurant is open, so you know they're serious about breakfast.  Since I hadn't eaten breakfast, I was truly tempted, especially by their sausage gravy, but I'd heard about their "Route 66 Cheeseburger" and I just HAD to have one of their burgers.  So, I ordered a burger and a Shiner Bok beer...

Photo:  After placing my order, I had plenty of time to wander around the restaurant and store, admiring the decor.

Photo:  If you look closely in the middle of the photo, just above the American flag, you'll see the window to the kitchen, surrounded by merchandise, including locally canned pickles. salsa and other goodies.  This is where restaurant meets store, and the place in the building where I chose to enjoy my lunch.

Photo:  Historic Route 66 plaques adorn the refrigerator.  I didn't ask if they're for sale, but I imagine nearly every thing in the building is for sale.

Photo:  I love the sign, and I love the cow skull.  This display leaves no doubt that you're in Texola, OK.

Photo:  If you look hard beyond the stack of paper plates near the center of the photo, you can see Masel hard at work in the kitchen, cooking my cheeseburger.  This isn't "fast food," as it took about 25 minutes for my burger and fries to arrive, but the wait was well worth it, as I was able to explore this fascinating place, and chit-chat with Masel.

Photo:  My friendly hostess and server, Masel, brings my "Route 66 Cheeseburger" and fries to me with a smile.  I enjoyed talking to her during the nearly hour to the restaurant.  Talk about a friendly lady!  I think she wrote "the book" on being friendly, and making visitors feel like family.

Photo:  Thanks, Masel, for snapping photo before I get down to business with my "Route 66 Cheeseburger."  Texola and The Tumbleweed Grill are located on historic Route 66, as the small town was bypassed by the Interstate back in the early 1980's.

Photo:  One of the reasons I chose the "Route 66 Chesseburger" is the Route 66 "brand" that is branded to the top bun.  You must admit this "branded cheeseburger" is very unique to Texola...

Photo:  The menu calls this a "Cheeseburger," but I call it a "Route 66 Branded Cheeseburger."

The cheeseburger starts with what appears to be a quarter pound patty, placed on a large, fresh bun.  I didn't specify how my meat was to be cooked, but it arrived cooked medium, which is my de facto standard.  The garnishes include lettuce, onion along with tomato, and mayonnaise is the only condiment.  Note:  If you don't like mayonnaise, just say so, and your burger will arrive dry.  The burger included a piece of semi-melted American cheese, and of course the bun was "branded."  The meal comes with chips, and for $2.00 extra you get fries.  As you can see, I went for the fries, as a bag of chips is just plain boring.

As the photo shows, the burger was cooked perfectly, and the garnishes were fresh.  The fries had the skins on the potatoes - YEAH!! - and deep fried golden brown on the outside, chewy fresh on the inside, and weren't too salty or oily.  The lunch was delicious, and the friendly company made it even better!  Oh, a couple of Shiner Bok beers, brewed in Shiner, Texas made the lunch even more enjoyable.

Masel is a super-friendly person, and a great ambassador to Texola, the history of the area, and Route 66.  She cooks a great burger, and when the burger is presented to you,  and you see the "brand" on your burger, you definitely know that you're dining at an authentic Route 66 restaurant.  Amazing!  You can get your "burger fix" at The Tumbleweed Grill, located on historic Route 66, in Texola, Oklahoma.

The Tumbleweed Grill
Rte. 66
Texola, OK 73668
580 526-3914

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