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There is a little jewel of a restaurant, located in Weslaco, Texas, that goes by the name of Salazar Burgers Y Mas, a.k.a., "the original".   It appers to me that their specialty is hamburgers, and their hamburgers aren't just everyday burgers; they vary in size from the Old Fashioned burger, priced at $2.95 to the gigantic South Texas burger, priced at $5.95.  The South Texas burger features one-half pound of handmade ground-beef patty, complete with cheese, bacon and jalapeno pepper slices.  It's a real mouthful, to easily satisfy an appetite, as big as the state of Texas.

Note:  This article was written by my friend Jerry Flinn, with only minor changes by your webmaster and editor. Jerry also took all of the photos published in this article.

Photo:  Salazar's Burgers, located in Weslaco, Texas.  Notice the drive-through to the right of the photo. This amazing restaurant is noted for burgers, but since they're located in south Texas, the menu offers plenty of Mexican food.  It's Friday, December 23, 2005, and we're ready for burgers.

Photo:  Regular diners, Georgie Sobel to the left, and Sylvia Susdayad, right, say "We have tried everything that is featured on the menu and it is all good!"

I can imagine what you are thinking:  Can I really go to a fast food burger joint and get a burger like the kind that Salazar's serves, and my burger will arrive, hot, juicy and fresh in only thirty seconds?  Yes, it happens at Salazar's, as the hamburgers are custom-made, and cooked to your preference.  Salazar's features burgers cooked "your way;"  not too many burgers places are willing to provide this kind of service anymore.  Salazar's adds the "personal touch" to their delicious burgers.

Photo:  Our waitress, Dainela Cerda, is taking Edna's order.  Edna decided to order a "Junior Burger" today, to match her smaller appetite.

Photo:  Meet Ms. Nallely Amador, poses for our camera.  She wasn't our server, but she was working today, and was very friendly.  She's truly a nice person!

Enough talking about their delicious hamburgers.  In addition to hamburgers, Salazar's features a full menu complete with fried chicken baskets at $4.39, chicken fried steak, and many Mexican food choices such as their deluxe Mexican dinner, priced at $5.50, which consists of tacos and enchiladas.  All the Mexican dinners are served with rice and refried beans; a nice touch.  Don't forget to look for their daily specials...

Photo:  Daniela Cerda with manager Carlos Salazar and Robert Reyna, who says he really doesn't do anything to keep the place running.  Obviously, he must be doing well, as the restaurant is one of the most popular burger joints, "y mas," in Weslaco.

Photo:  Abel Luna cooking fries, at his deep-fat fryer station.  It's rare to be invited into the kitchen of a working restaurant, but I managed to talk my way in.  Salazar's is a very friendly restaurant!

When you enter Salazar's, you will notice an interesting, but simple interior with "retro-type" posters and booths. As you walk into the restaurant, you order your meal from the counter and when you're finished ordering, you simply sit down at your table of choice, and a waitress or waiter will flawlessly bring your food to you.   Another neat thing is there is always 1950's-era rock music played in the background, which will help you step back in time to an era when restaurants did things the "old fashioned way".  The Salazar's have been in the restaurant business in Weslaco since 1957 without any changes, and they practice the "old school" of thinking, when it comes to their restaurant.  I was told they moved to this location about three years ago.

Photo:  Julio Zuniga hard at work at the griddle, cooking delicious hamburgers.  

Photo:  Edna's junior burger, complete with homemade fries.  We love the thick, "Texas style" fries served at Salazar's Burgers Y Mas.

Come in and enjoy the food and you will discover what I am writing about.  They are located at 553 W. Pike St. in Weslaco, Texas, in the beautiful lower Rio Grande valley.  Their telephone number for takeout orders is 956 973-8777.  They also have a driveup window for your convenience.

Photo:  My order of hamburger steak with salad and fries.  Such a great lunch on this December Friday afternoon!

Photo:  The double meat burger on the left with the Big Boy South Texas burger, complete with fries and an order of onion rings.  Truly, a meal to tame a Texas-size appetite.

Any suggestions for future restaurant visits can be e-mailed to [email protected].

Salazar's Burgers Y Mas
553 W. Pike Blvd.
Weslaco, TX 78596
956 973-8777

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