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If you really want to experience the heart and soul of a small town in the Texas panhandle, there is no better way than to enjoy breakfast with the locals, in a small town diner.  In the small, panhandle town of Pampa, there's a diner that serves amazing food, with lots of local character, and is a hangout for locals.  The fine restaurant that I'm talking about is Fuego's Restaurant, in Pampa, Texas.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's 08:15 in the morning on Saturday, September 08, 2018, and I've arrived a Fuego's Restaurant, located in Pampa, Texas, and I'm looking forward to breakfast.  If you don't drive a truck, or an SUV, you're out of luck in the parking lot.  Note the grain elevator in the background of the photo, which is a common sight in almost every panhandle town in Texas.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll note the dining room is quite plain, but it's clean, comfortable, and the atmosphere is very friendly.  When I arrived, shortly after 8 in the morning, the restaurant was lightly seated, but by the time I left, nearly an hour later, the dining room was quite full.  The Pampa locals know where to enjoy a good Saturday morning breakfast!

Photo:  Jacquie, the server on duty, fills a glass of "Sprite" for another patron.  When I entered the restaurant, it was lightly seated, so I just stat myself, and within seconds, Jacquie greeted me and handed me a menu.

Photo:  The breakfast selections are at the top of the menu, so you know Fuego's Restaurant is serious about breakfast.  All of the breakfast offerings interested me, but in the end, I chose "Huevos Fuegos." With a name like that, combined with the menu photo and description, how could I choose anything else?

Photo:  After I placed my breakfast order, I had a chance to wander around and take a few more photos.  Actually, the dining room is a rectangle, and not very big, so snapping a few photos isn't difficult.  Looking towards the counter from the back of the restaurant, two gentlemen are picking up take-out orders.  During my visit, it appeared the restaurant was doing a brisk take-out business, as the phone was ringing and there was a steady stream of customers walking up to the counter and taking out bags of food.

Photo:  1970's and 1980's soft rock music was playing in the background, supplied by a television monitor tuned to a music channel.  Sometimes the music had video, but most of the time it was just music, accompanied by a blue screen.

Photo:  I took a peek through the order window and caught a glimpse of the kitchen staff hard at work.  Note the take-out order ready to go on the prep table.  As I mentioned before, Fuego's Restaurant seemed to be doing a brisk take-out business on this Saturday morning.

Photo:  Meet Jacquie, my very friendly server, who took great care of me, and kept my coffee cup full of delicious coffee.  She was a actually little surprised that I wanted to take her photo!  

Photo:  Thanks, Jacquie, for taking my photo, as I smile before enjoying a delicious breakfast at Fuego's Restaurant, in Pampa, TX.

Photo:  After checking out the menu, I went with "Huevos Fuegos."  The menu describes this choice as "Two eggs, sunnyside up, topped with Fuego's red sauce, served with refried beans, one beef steak and toast."  Not exactly... as I ordered my eggs over easy - my de facto standard - and two varieties of sauce, red and green, were in squeeze bottles on the side.  I also requested corn tortillas to be substituted for toast, and I received toast AND tortillas, at NO COST for the tortillas!  

I went with the green sauce for my eggs and beans.  Yes, it was on the spicy side, but that's what I like, and it really topped off an already wonderful breakfast.

I absolutely loved this amazing breakfast!  The meat was perfectly cooked and with just a little knife work, it fell off the bone.  The eggs were cooked perfectly and the refried beans were made in-house, and were just what I needed to get my first Saturday morning in Texas, in years, off to a good start.  Such a great breakfast!

Photo:  Long shot of my "Huevos Fuegos" breakfast, showing the main plate, the tortillas and the red and green sauce.

My breakfast of "Huevos Fuegos" was absolutely wonderful!  Combine great food with fast, friendly service, and lots of small-town atmosphere, Fuego's Restaurant, located in Pampa, Texas should be on everybody's "to-do" list when visiting the Texas panhandle.

Fuego's Restaurant
521 W. Brown St.
Pampa, TX 79065
806 665-0442

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