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Editor's note:  This article was written by my friend Jerry Flinn, but has been slightly edited for this web site.

As with all of my reviews, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Let's see, how do you put together a restaurant that combines the best cuisine found in northern Mexico and Texas?  You combine the delicous cusine with friendly service, food that tastes like mom made it in the kitchen, and what do you have?  The answer is Beto's, in Mercedes, Texas.

Photo: Mr. Beto Garcia, owner of Beto's, with Linda Luera his cashier.  Mr. Garcia, greets customers and makes you feel at home.  It's late Sunday morning, November 20, 2005, and we're ready for lunch!

Photo:  Beto's busy dining room.

Beto's is located at the the cornor of Mile 2 West and expressway 83, in Mercedes, Texas, and the restaurant has been a local landmark for many years. Mr. Beto Garcia, the founder, and owner, of the restaurant, greets customers as they enter, and assists in seating each guest, to achieve maximum satistaction.

Beto's food is tastes as if it were homemade, or as close to it as you can get in a restaurant.  I know how the food is prepared, as Mr. Garcia gave me access to the kitchen and I could see how the food is prepared and also I could observe what a busy place this is. The pace is dizzying and never seems to letup. Jessie, the cook, was working so hard he barely had time to look up  Michael, who was cutting lettuce, and Joe, who was grating cheeses, were equally busy.

Photo:  Nelda Bulthuis with two sons Ryan and Tyler and her parents Gracie and Juan Vasquez say they "We llove the place."  

Photo:  Left to right: Betty Juarez, Linda Soto, Johnny Martinez and Lucy Medrano; friendly and efficient kitchen and waiting staff at Beto's.

We came for breakfast even though they were getting ready for lunch. Edna had bacon (three strips) and eggs with pancakes, and the meal was perfectly done. I had the ham and eggs with toast plus we both had just about endless cups of coffee and the bill was less than ten dollars. Our waitress was Marylou and was very efficient with boundless energy-she never stops. I noticed a customer had ordered menudo and he told me it was very good.

Photo:  Cook, Jessie, is busy preparing hash brown potatoes and eggs, over easy.  

Photo:  Joe Louis is grating cheese for omelets.

Beto's has a very extensive menu featuring soups, salad and sandwiches. Also the Mexican part of the menu is huge with one example being the deluxe Mexican dinner with two enchiladas, one beef taco, a chalupa and chicken envuelto served among rice and beans for six dollars ninty-five cents.

Photo:  Michael is busy chopping lettuce. Beto's goes through a lot of lettuce every day.

Photo:  Dishwasher Nora, performing her duties.

The American side has Southern fried chicken for $5.95 for a complete dinner. On top of this is chicken fried steak and many other items.

Photo:  My wife, Edna, is ordering her lunch.  

Photo:  Yum, menudo, the "breakfast of champions."

Beto's is one of the few restaurants in Mercedes that has a large banquet-meeting room.  Along with all this, they have a section of their menu, that features special which change on a daily basis. So if it'sbeen a long time since your last visit, come see what you have been missing.

Betos, combines delicious food, reasonable prices, large portions and unbeatable fast, friendly service.  It's a winning combination.

Don Beto's Restaurant
735 W. 2nd St.
Mercedes, TX 78570
956 514-0886

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