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Cody, Wyoming proudly states that it is, "The Rodeo Capitol of the World," and I believe that statement, as there is a large rodeo arena on the west end of town, and as you roam the streets of Cody, you see lots of cowboy hats and pickup trucks.  All of the cowboys and cowgirls need to eat, and fine cuisine is an easy choice, as Wild Horse Cafe is located just across the highway - or West Yellowstone Avenue - from "Stampede Park," and along with the town of Cody, Wild Horse Cafe is as western as it gets.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Wild Horse Cafe 'N Gift Shop is located across West Yellowstone Avenue from "Stampede Park," the rodeo grounds that makes Cody, Wyoming the "Rodeo Capitol of the World."  Cody, and Wild Horse Cafe are as western as it gets... while snapping this photo, I surprised a couple cottontail rabbits, who reside in the sagebrush that grows in front of the restaurant.

It's a little past 6 in the morning on Saturday, August 26, 2017, and I'm headed to Yellowstone National Park, but I'm stopping for breakfast at Wild Horse Cafe.

Photo:  Cowboy up as you enter the restaurant, but leave your "plastic" at home, as the restaurant only accepts cash or check due to a credit card machine malfunction.  I love the American flags that decorate the front porch.

Photo:  No smoking is allowed inside the restaurant, so this convenient ash tray is located on the porch, just outside the door to the restaurant.  Leave your butts in the commode, partner!

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll notice the open kitchen at the rear of the restaurant, where the owner, and chef, Barbara is at work.  

Photo:  The breakfast menu is complete, and includes everything a breakfast lover craves.  Wild Horse Cafe is serious about breakfast, as the restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch only, but caters to special events.  My eyes stopped on the "Special #1" for $3.99, and I didn't go further.  Biscuits were my choice, as I could SMELL the biscuits that chef Barbara was baking as I walked in the door of the restaurant.

Photo:  The "'n Gift Shop" part of the restaurant's name is pretty easy to see as you walk in the door, as the restaurant is decorated with gifts and knick knacks, all with a western theme, and everything is for sale.  Am I missing something, or do I see a Christmas tree in the corner?  The dining room in the restaurant sort of reminds me of "grandma's place..."

Photo:  Another view of the dining room, with chef Barbara at work in the kitchen.  I'm sitting at the table in the foreground, and my friendly hostess, Christy, has placed a decanter of ice water - which seems to be common in this part of the country - on my table, along with a bottomless cup of fine coffee, which really hits the spot on this somewhat chilly August morning in Wyoming,

Photo:  Almost every decoration in the restaurant is for sale, including the jackalopes - native to Wyoming - and the dream catchers, but not the mounted elk head, as he's already found a home.  The main gift shop is co-located next door, but the restaurant is completely decorated in gifts, most for sale, and most of western origin.

Photo:  While your food is being prepared, if you're interested in gifts, you enter the gift shop from the restaurant, and you're treated to a wide array of gifts, including an accordion.  I wonder if Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys every used this accordion?  Or, maybe it was used by Wyoming's favorite adopted son, Chris LeDoux?

Photo:  Back from checking out the gift shop, Barbara is cooking my hash brown potatoes in the open kitchen.  Two pots of gravy simmer on the burner, to the right of the photo.  As Barbara cooked my hash browns, I could smell the biscuits baking in the oven, which were just about ready.

Photo:  I drool at the smell, and the sight of the pan of fresh-baked biscuits that chef, and owner of the restaurant, Barbara, has just taken out of the oven.  She told me she went to work this morning at 03:30, to get the biscuits ready for opening time, and she expected a large crowd today, as it is Saturday, any many tourists would be heading to Yellowstone National Park.  I lucked out, as I arrived shortly after the restaurant opened, and I was treated to the wonderful sight, and the delicious aroma of freshly baked biscuits.

Photo:  Meet Christy, my super-friendly server who brings my breakfast with a smile.  She and Barbara, the chef and owner of the restaurant, made me feel at home, and treated me like royalty.

Photo:  Christy snapped my photo, as I prepare to enjoy an amazing breakfast at one of the friendliest restaurants you'll ever enjoy in the State of Wyoming.

Photo:  I'm a GIGANTIC fan of eggs and potatoes for breakfast, and at $3.99, I couldn't beat the "Special #1."  Add to the "wow factor" was that I'd been smelling baking biscuits for the past fifteen minutes, and Barbara had just taken a pan of freshly baked biscuits from the oven.  I almost fainted, as I was in LOVE...

This was a seriously delicious breakfast!  The eggs and hash brown potatoes were cooked perfectly, and the large, freshly-baked biscuit nearly propelled me to the moon.  I ordered an optional bowl of sausage gravy, mostly for the biscuit, but it turned out that I ate the gravy with the hash browns and eggs, as Barbara had included a cup of honey butter, which is a condiment that will also nearly drive me to the moon.

Total cost of the breakfast, including the optional coffee and gravy?  Just change over $6.00.  I gave these friendly ladies a 10-spot, wished them a pleasant day, and headed west to Yellowstone National Park.

Confused about the title of "Rodeo Capitol of the World" as proclaimed by the town of Cody, against the "Cowboy Capitol of the World," as claimed by the town of Oakdale, CA?  Check out my write-up about dining at Cahoot's Corner Cafe in Oakdale. I'm confused too, but when it comes to delicious food in Cody, Wyoming, I'll "cowboy-up" and enjoy an amazing breakfast at Wild Horse Cafe, staffed by some of the friendliest people in the State of Wyoming.

Wild Horse Cafe 'n Gift Shop
440 West Yellowstone Ave.
Cody, WY 82414
307 587-4183

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