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Would you believe that a small town on Oregon's south coast would have a restaurant as good , or better, than any restaurant in Portland or San Francisco?  Believe it ... it's Spinner's!

What we didn't know when we didn't know when we check into the Gold Beach Inn, in Gold Beach, OR, was that there was an outstanding restaurant only two blocks up the street.  What we do know now is that Spinner's is, perhaps, the best kept secret on Oregon's south coast.

Left:  Spinner's Restaurant, on Highway 101, in Gold Beach, Oregon.  Right:  You walk in, and you're welcomed by a friendly greater who's very happy to seat you at your table.  We chose a table with an ocean view.

We took the desk clerk's advise, and the discount coupons she gave us, and took the 5-minute walk up the street to Spinner's Seafood, Steak and Chophouse, simply known as Spinner's.

When we walked into Spinner's, we were immediately surprised, as we were met by a very friendly greater, and given a seat by the window, with a to-die-for sunset view of the ocean.  White linen tablecloths and napkins in a restaurant, located in a small, coastal town of a little more than 2,200 in population?  Of course, at Spinner's!

Left:  Spinner's featues a full-service bar, where the locals seem to gather.  Right:  Sure, I know there's video "noise" in the photo, but this photo shows the dining room where we were seated, as the ocean is to the right.

Laura, our charming waitress, Laura, introduced herself to us, poured ice water, produced the menus and asked us what we preferred to drink. I chose a "Steelhead Ale," a local ale, and Sharlene decided on a glass of white wine.  Our waitress then brought us bread that was piping hot from the oven, and some creamy butter for our culinary enjoyment. Mmmmm good, wow, what a nice starter to a meal!

For dinner, Sharlene chose a chicken and pasta dish, and I chose a cheeseburger, with garlic mashed potatoes on the side, instead of fries.  We both chose optional green salads, since we try to eat healthy and we both like salads.

Left:  Spinach salad and a "Steelhead Ale" make the best apetizer that you can imagine.  Right:  Friendly waitress Laura serves Sharlene her main dish.  The service, quality of food and presentation was outstanding.

The salads were somewhat unusual, in that they were comprised mainly of spinach greens, rather than lettuce. Spinach is rich in iron, so we didn't have any complaints, plus the presentation was excellent.  Add the zesty taste of fresh croutons and creamy ranch dressing and the end result was delicious.

Sharlene and I both agreed that our main dishes were among the best that we'd ever had.  My burger had all of the fixin's that you'd expect; a fresh bun, lots of veggies and a 1/2 pound piece of meat that was grilled to perfection.  Sharlene told me that her chicken and pasta was delicious, and just what she'd been craving for dinner all of the day.  Our waitress , Laura, (I always flirt with them and get their names...) was efficient, attentive, good looking (very important) but she was not intrusive.  The decor, the atmosphere, the presentation the food, the, well... was outstanding.  Did I mention that they have an awesome bar?  The service:  Outstanding, and we left Laura a hefty tip.  Basically, she deserved it, as she worked hard to make our dining experience very, very (plus) enjoyable.  We value a pleasant dining experiencee.

Left:  Sharlene's chicken and pasta dish; I don't remember excactly the correct title of the entree.  Right:  I'm very basic, as a cheeseburger, complete with potato salad is my choice for dinner.  I have already applied mustard and ketchup to the bun.

Big city atmosphere, small town attention to detail, outstanding food at reasonable prices; it all comes together at Spinner's, in Gold Beach, Oregon.  My advise when you're visiting Gold Beach?  ... Eat at Spinner's!

Spinner's Seafood Steak & Chop House
29430 Ellensburg Ave.
Gold Beach, OR 97444
541 247-5160

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