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When we are visiting a town on the coast, we usually like to eat fish for dinner, especially in a place like Newport, where the fishing boats unload the fish on the pier, and then the fish is sold immediately to a nearby restaurant. That is my idea of fresh fish!

I'd just spent a couple of hours cruising around the harbor and nearby ocean on the "Discovery," and I decided to ask Kevin, the marine biologist on board the boat, to recommend a good fish place for dinner. Without hesitation, he said "Mo's,"  although he added that all of the restaurants in the Bayfront District are good. Now I knew where we'd eat dinner tonight.

Photo:  Mo's, located in Newport's historic Bayfront District. All is well on this late Wednesday afternoon on October 13, 2004, as we're ready to enjoy a delicious meal tt Mo's.

Photo:  A peek into Mo's kitchen and a sampling of the many varieties of beer that they serve.  

Mo's, is located on S.W. Bay Blvd, in Newport's historic Bayfront District, where they have been for many years. Mo's is noted for their world-famous clam chowder.  Being a fan of clam chowder, I had to give them a try.

Mo's restaurant is somewhat unusual, in that it doesn't really have a door or windows that face the street. A number of years ago, a woman parked her car outside the front of the restaurant, accidentally put her car in drive, rather than reverse, and drove the car into the restaurant; they repaired the damage by installing a large roll-up door.  This opens the restaurant to the street making it an instant sidewalk cafe; a nice touch if you're a people-watcher.  It also adds to the informal atmosphere of the restaurant.

Photo:  Mo's Restaurant is open to the street, something like many of the restaurants I've enjoyed during my many trips to Mexico.  Great seating offers views to Newport Bay.

Photo:  Wine and other goodies are offered, and displayed on a white board as you enter the restaurant.

Mo's is very loud and informal, and caters to a varied crowd of both locals and tourists.  Our waitress was very efficient and friendly, and the service was fast!  Within minutes, we were enjoying a big bowl of their famous clam chowder.  Oh yes the chowder?  Its creamy New England style, delicious, fresh and contains lots of bacon and is just the right consistency.  It is good, very, very good!  

Sharlene and I each enjouyed a dinner of fish and chips.  The fish was breaded and obviously cooked in a deep-fat fryer, but is was light and not greasy and very tasty.  Since I attempt to watch my weight, instead of "fish and chips," I ordered "fish and green beans."  The meal was excellent, but I have to admit that I did miss the chips...

Photo:  Mo's is open to the Newport street, but it makes the dining atmosphere all the more charming.  The Oregon coast is beautiful, especially in mid-October.

Photo:  Our friendly server, Pat, makes the restaurant come alive, as she brings a bowl of Mo's famous clam chowder to a nearby dining fan.

Photo:  Our friendly server, Pat delivers my plate of fish and beans to our table.  Geezzzz.... I'm drinking beer, enjoying a cup of clam chowder, and eating green beans instead of chips?  What was wrong in my head on this early Wednesday evening, back in October of 2004?

Photo:  Thanks to our friendly server, Pat, for taking the photo of Sharlene and I, as we're ready to enjoy our wonderful dinner at Mo's.

Photo:  Mo's clam chowder, which is the best clam chowder that Oregon has to offer...

After eating a bowl of Mo's clam chowder, you'll have a whole new outlook on life, as they make some of the best clan chowder that I've ever eaten.

Mo's Restaurant
622 SW Bay Blvd.
Newport, OR 97620
541 265-2979

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