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A trip to Mazatlan, Mexico, on Oregon's central coast?  How is that possible?  Sort of...  Maybe...  Easy!  Eat at the Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant, located in downtown Newport, Oregon,  at the Coast Highway and Hurbert, and you'll experience the cusine of Mazatlan, Mexico, many miles to the south, as Newport is located along Oregon's scenic coast, many miles north of Mazatlan, Mexico.  But the food...  the decor... the cuisine...

Left:  Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant, in Newport, Oregon.  Right:  The friendly cashier and hostess.  Our friendly hostess was laughing as I took her photo, as I explained to her that I was just "another dumb tourist."

We'd checked into our motel for the night and driving to a restaurant for dinner didn't appeal to us.  So, we looked in the AAA guide and the Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant popped out at us.  As an added bonus, it was only about a three block walk from our motel, the Days Inn.

When we walked into the Mazatlan, we really didn't know what to expect, but we were pleasantly surprised as we noticed:

*  Authentic pastel decor, tile floors and Mexican figures, sombreros and the like displayed on the walls

*  Spanish spoken by patrons and employees alike

*  Soft, traditional Mexican music playing in the background

*  Earthy, delicious, authentic smells of cooking Mexican food

Bingo!  Authentic Mexican food on Oregon's central coast, served in an authentic, attractive atmosphere.

Of course the obligatory chips and salsa are presented as soon as you sit down.  Our server then asked us what our drink preferences were: Beer for me and ice tea for Sharlene.  Boy the menu is a chore; it is extensive and offers so many choices that you almost get lost.  However, Sharlene chose a fajita dinner and I chose a combo dinner that featured a taco, enchilada and a tamale.  Both of our dinners included rice and refried beans as side dishes.

Left:  The beautiful decor of Mazatlan Restaurant.  That's Highway 101 visable through the front door.  Right: Sharlene's sizzling hot fajita is brought to her on a cast iron fajita pan.  Now, that's class!

We were hungry, but we weren't quite prepared when the food was presented to us.  My food came out on a huge, hot platter; it was enough food for two.  Sharlene was first presented a platter of rice, beans and tortillas; then our waiter brought out here fajitas, sizzling hot, mixed with cooked veggies, on a cast-iron fajita pan.  That was an authentic touch that made the already delicious food taste just that much better.

The rice and beans weren't particularly memorable; that seems to be a common denominator among most Mexican restaurants located in the  lower 48 United States.  However our main dishes were authentic, earthy, mouth-watering and, in a word, outstanding!  The portions were absolutely HUGE; I managed to stuff all of mine down my throat but Sharlene couldn't.  Not to matter, as the leftovers were brought back to our motel room, stashed in the small 'fridge, and I the leftovers for breakfast the next morning.

Left:  Sharlene's main course, a delicious fajita.  Right:  My combination plate, along with a icy-cold Coors beer.

The food was good, the portions were HUGE and the service was friendly and efficient.  They make you feel at home, and you won't go away hungry.

When you eat at Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant in Newport, Oregon, don't forget your appetite.  You and your appetite will leave very satisfied.

Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant
404 SW Coast Hwy.
Newport, OR 97365
541 265-8595

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