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When I pulled into Mountain Home, Idaho, in the late afternoon, I had one thing on my mind:  Mexican food, as I was hungry, and it had been, literally, weeks since I'd enjoyed a meal at a great Mexican restaurant.  Lady Luck smiled upon me, and graced me with her good fortune, as when I scouted out the perfect motel, I noticed El Herraeoro, not a block away.  Here I come!

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's about 6:30 on Tuesday evening, June 20, 2017, and I'm ready to get my "fix" of Mexican food at El Herradero Mexican Restaurant, in Mountain City, Idaho.  I hadn't enjoy a wonderful Mexican combination dinner in weeks, so I was beyond ready.

Photo:  As you walk in the front door, you're greeted by a hostess, and if you're lucky, a server or two.  The server with the darker hair is Jan, who I had the pleasure of my server this evening.  The main dining room is to the left of the photo through the open doorway; photo is taken from the small dining room, where I enjoyed my dinner.

Photo:  The main dining room is spacious, clean and sparsely decorated.  By the expression on the faces of other diners, I think I annoyed a person or two.  Me bad... but at least I didn't use flash to take the photo.

Photo:  The menu features just about everything a connoisseur of Mexican food could dream of, including many breakfast items, as the restaurant opens at 0730 every morning for breakfast.  I fixated on the "Large Combinations" section on the dinner menu, and it seems my eyes stopped at number 3.

Photo:  Someone left the door open to the kitchen, and I snapped a photo!  I'm a sucker for kitchen photos, even thought all restaurant kitchens look nearly identical.

Photo:  After placing my order, my friendly server, Jan, brought out appetizers, which included chips, green and red salsa, and refried beans.  Naturally, the beer was optional, but the frosty mug, and slice of lime were part of the package.  The appetizers, particularly the beans were so good, they practically paid for the price of admission.

Photo:  Meet Jan, my friendly server, who brought out my "#3 Large Combination" dinner.  She was a little startled that I asked to take her photo, eg., "Why would anybody want to take MY photo?" but went with it, like the trooper she is.  I noticed all of the staff speaking to each other in Spanish, so just to fit in, I used my Spanish, which the staff really seemed to appreciate.  Perhaps I was just making a fool of myself?

Photo:  Thanks, Jan, for taking my photo, as I prepare to enjoy a delicious dinner at El Herradero Mexican Restaurant.

Photo:  My delicious meal of two chilies rellenos, along with my appetizers.  Yummy!

Photo:  I ordered #3 from the "Large Combinations" menu, which turned out to be a dinner of two chiles rellenos, rice, beans, a small salad, and guacamole.  I rarely order chiles rellenos, but the selection looked good, so that's what I ended up with. This meal was EXCELLENT!  There is no point in describing each item in detail, as everything was cooked perfectly and delicious!  Muy sabroso!

El Herradero is a great Mexican restaurant!  The dining room is comfortable, the staff and customers are friendly, the prices are reasonable, and most of all, the food is delicious!  When you're hungry for great Mexican food in Mountain Home, Idaho, be sure to stop by El Herradero.

El Herradero Mexican Restaurant
210 East 5th North
Mountain Home, Idaho 83689
208 587-0694

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