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I can truthfully state that there is not a hot dog on our planet that I don't love, and I can also state that I crave any variety of hot dog or sausage, including Polish dogs, linguica, bratwurst, ball-park style dogs... any variety under the sun.  When it comes to hot dogs, you could categorize me as an equal opportunity employer, as I love 'em all.  I'm always on the lookout for hot dog stands, hot dog carts, and funky little diners that sell only hot dogs.  On Saturday, March 27, 2010, my quest was rewarded, when I found Dog In A Box, located in beautiful downtown Eugene, Oregon.

Photo:  You can't miss the fact that this is a hot dog restaurant!  Check out the funky decor, which adds a distinctive flavor to the delicious hot dogs.

Dog In A Box, also known as The Dog House is my kind of hot dog diner, as it has everything I love about a hot dog place, including casual atmosphere, funky decor, friendly service, and a menu that features a wide selection of hot dogs.  Specialties include varieties as American Jumbo Dog, Cajun Hot Links, Scillian Sausage, Chili Dog Supreme, and the Dog of the Day, which offers a different variation depending on the day of the week.  I was treated by the friendly girl behind the counter, Hannah, who cheerfully took my order of a Giant German Beer Sausage.  The restaurant is decorated with funky signs and posters, one of which states:  "If you love our dogs - Bring your friends - If you are lonely bring your dog.  Thanks - Dog Lovers."  The restaurant offers a large selection of free condiments, including several varieties of mustard, ketchup, relish, chopped onions, pickled jalapeno peppers, chopped tomatoes, BBQ sauce, shredded cheese, and sauerkraut.  I like my dogs loaded, so I told Hannah to load up my dog with everything except the jalapeno peppers, as I told her that it just didn't seem right to put jalapenos on a German beer sausage.  That crazy remark brought a laugh out of Hannah.

Photo:  Hannah prepares my hot dogs.  The counter to the lower right of the photo display packages of their specialty dogs for take-home dining.

Photo:  Hannah prepares my Giant German Beer Dog.  Check out some of the crazy posters that decorate the walls of the kitchen.

Dog In A Box has something that really pulled at my heart strings:  A counter that displays packages of hot dogs that you can purchase to take home and enjoy, but since I was in the ice chest mode and nine hours from home, I elected to pass on bringing any dogs home.  

You can enjoy your hot dog at one of the many tables inside restaurant, or you can dine outside on the patio, sitting at one of several picnic tables.

At a tad under $5.00 for the giant dog, some might argue that the price is a bit steep, but my Giant German Beer Sausage was worth every penny of the price of admission.  For starters the dog was big - at least a quarter of a pound - the bun was big too, and fresh, soft and chewy, just they way I like them.  All condiments were fresh, and Hanna really loaded up my dog so the condiments covered up the sausage.  Of course the dog was cooked perfectly, which made for a delicious meal.

Photo:  I asked Hannah to load up my dog, and she really obliged.  If you look closely, all you can see of the dog itself are the ends... I appreciate a fully-loaded dog!

If you love hot dogs, you'll absolutely love Dog In A Box, located in downtown Eugene, Oregon.

Dog In A Box
195 E. 17th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97401
541 485-0700

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