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Do you live in the greater Boise, Idaho area?  Do you love Kansas City style barbecue and other genres of barbecue, all served at the same restaurant?  If so, you're in luck, as you can get your "Kansas City fix" at Big Daddy's Barbecue, located in nearby Meridian.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's a little past 6:00 o'clock on Saturday evening on July 10, 2021, and my friend and I have arrived at Big Daddy's Barbecue to enjoy some of the best barbecue to be eaten in the greater Boise area.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll be greeted by a friendly "meeter/greeter" staff member who will cheerfully seat you.  You'll also notice the "specials" on the "old school" blackboard, the somewhat rustic decor, and he full-service bar at the rear of the restaurant.

We loved the corrugated steel that serves as wallpaper on the walls, which adds to the "rustic" and barbecue atmosphere of the restaurant.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll be immediately greeted with an "old school" blackboard which announce the current specials.  We loved the horse shoes, which are set in the "good luck" mode.

Photo:  The restaurant has a definite "sports bar" theme, as the decor is rustic, there is a full-service bar, and there are many television monitors around the dining room.

You have to know this will be GOOD BARBECUE  as each table is set with a roll of paper towels, along with three varieties on in-house-made barbecue sauce.  Those little amenities are the mark of a restaurant who knows all about barbecue.

Alright... with the sauce, you can choose between "House" sauce, "Mild" or my preference, "Spicy."  All are made in-house, and all are good, but tonight, I went with the spicy variety, and I wasn't disappointed.

Photo:  Appetizers, "Sammies" and platters make up the first section of the menu.  Note that most of the barbecue is of the Kansas City mode, but there is pulled pork, which is a Carolina staple, along with Memphis-style smoked ribs.

I spent 10 minutes looking over the menu, and after wavering between a "Smoked Burger" or a "Sammy," I went with "The Big Daddy," which is the signature dish on the menu, and a good place to begin.

Photo:  Second page of the menu features "Smoked Burgers," which really grabbed my attention, "Salad," which... meh, "Desert" and Drinks."  Beer, wine and mixed drinks aren't on the menu so just ask your friendly server.

I really wanted the "Brisket Burger," but I digressed and went with "The Big Daddy," from the first page of the menu, as it seemed to be the "signature" dish of this fine restaurant.

Photo:  Big Daddy's Barbecue is located in Meridian, Idaho, and this plaque, mounted on the corrugated steel wall, seems to say it all.

Photo:  Some of the interesting decorations that decorated the wall behind our table.  I love the Boise State football and flag.

Photo:  Meet Serenity, our amazingly friendly server, who brought our meals to us with a smile, about 20 minutes after we placed our orders.

Photo:  Thanks, Serenity, for taking our photo, as my friend of 50+ years, Cindy, and I prepare to enjoy a delicious barbecue dinner at Big Daddy's Barbecue, located in Meridian, Idaho.

Note the roll of paper towels and the three varieties of barbecue sauce, which means this will be amazing barbecue. It's almost like being in Texas!

Photo:  From the "Platters" section of the menu, Cindy ordered a "One Meat and Two Sides."  Her choice of meat was pulled pork, and she smoked green beans along with "Smashed Garlic Potatoes" as her two sides.  How much would like the bet the potatoes were locally grown, as southwestern Idaho is the "potato capitol" of the United States.

My friend raved about her dinner, as her green beans were tender, smoky and full of flavor.  Like the pulled pork on my "The Big Daddy," her's was juicy, smoky and tender.  She had actually ordered gravy on her "Smashed Potatoes" and her order arrived without gravy, but with a timely word to our friendly server, a bowl of gravy quickly arrived.  The bowl of gravy made her dinner complete!

Like me,  Cindy loved her dinner, and raved about the delicious meat, potatoes and beans, along with the friendly service.

Photo:  From the "Sammies" section of the menu, I finally went with "The Big Daddy," as it seemed to be the "signature" offering on the menu, as it shares the name with the restaurant.  The "Smoked Burgers" section truly tempted me, and I spent about 10 minutes deciding on my order.

The menu describes "The Big Daddy" as, "Spicy sausage link, chopped brisket and pulled pork, piled on a toasted hoagie.  The dish comes with one side, and my choice was "Smashed potatoes" with gravy.

This is a BIG sandwich, which will satisfy a Big appetite!  It starts out with a toasted hoagie roll and the foundation of the sandwich is a large, smoked hot link, Cajun style.  Yes, it's spicy and hot, but "doable" for just about anybody who appreciated fine barbecue.  On top of the large link, you'll find a generous helping of smoked pulled pork and brisket.  Wow!  Such an amazing sandwich!  

The hoagie roll was lightly buttered and perfectly toasted, and the meat was "melt in your mouth" smoked, flavorful and tender.  

And the "Smashed Potatoes" with brisket gravy... where do I begin to describe such goodness?  I can start by saying the side started out with red potatoes, seasoned with garlic, perfectly cooked and mashed, with little bits of skin mashed in, which something I simply love.  The amazing mashed potato side dish was covered with brisket gravy, and sprinkled with green onions.  Oh yeah!!!

My friend and I enjoyed our delicious dinners, and enjoyed the amazing service that Big Daddy's Barbecue provides. This amazing restaurant should be a "go-to" for anyone who savors delicious barbecue in the greater Boise are.

When you combine amazing Kansas City style barbecue, along with other barbecue styles, a comfortable and informal dining room, a full-service bar, delicious food along with friendly service, Big Daddy's Barbecue is the perfect restaurant to enjoy great barbecue!

Big Daddy's Barbecue
1551 W. Cherry Ln. Ste. #102
Meridian, ID 83642
208 898-5924

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