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Adel, Oregon... No matter what the origin of the name, whether it was named after a girlfriend of the original landowner, or after a cow by the name of "Leda," Adel is a thriving metropolis of 78 souls in the southeastern corner of Lake County, Oregon, and is home an outsanding restaurant, bar, tavern, gas station and grocery store:  Adel Store and Tavern.  It better be good, as it's the only restaurant in town...


Photo:  Adel Store and Tavern is a typical center-of-the-universe representative of the amenities offered in rural Eastern Oregon, as most town centers are compressed into a general store, gas station, bar, post office, and maybe an RV park.


Photo:  The heartbeat of Eastern Oregon is realized as soon as you enter Adel Store and Tavern, as the bar, restaurant and general store are decorated with big game trophies.  Ranching and hunting are king in Eastern Oregon... The area beats Texas for cowboys, cowboy boots, and cowboy hats.


Photo:  I'm perched on a barstool, but I can look east toward the main dining room, and the rustic decor, which is quite typical of a roadhouse in Eastern Oregon.  At the time of this photo, at 1102 on Saturday, September 17, 2011, I was the only patron present.


Photo:  I entered the restaurant, and was greeted by Marcy, surprisingly, the only employee present.  It was shortly after 1100 on this beautiful Saturday morning, and I asked her if breakfast was still being served.  Negative.  Like most small roadhouses in Eastern Oregon, Adel Store and Tavern does not have a printed menu, so you just have to ask... So, I asked, "What's for lunch?"  The reply was, "A half pound sirloin burger and fries."  My reply:  "Sign me up!"  I feasted on canned beans last night at my camp site, so I was ready for something a bit more exotic.  Marcy took a half-pound burger patty from the refrigerator, asked me if I wanted cheese - Heck yes! - and placed a square of cheese on the burger, and put the burger on the already smoking charcoal-fired grill outside.  While she was busy chopping vegetables, I managed to open the grill, and snap this photo of my burger, topped with provolone cheese - my favorite cheese - cooking.


Photo:  Roadhouses are a true low-tech example of multi-tasking, and Adel Store and Tavern is no exception to the protocol.  I'm looking from over a table, with cards laid out in the fashion ready for a game of Acey-Duey to the bar, where Marcy is pouring me a cold Coors from the tap.  To keep things legal, the bar/card room/pool table are is sectioned off from the main dining room.  I'm over 21, so I elected to enjoy my burger from the comfort of the bar, and to enjoy an icy-cold Coors to help wash my burger down.


Photo:  Looking into the kitchen of Adel Store and Tavern.  I asked my friendly hostess, Marcy, for permission to snap her photo, but she was camera shy, and I only caught this photo of her as I was taking a photo of the kitchen, and she opened the back door, on her way outside, to check on the burger that was cooking on the outside grill.  I guess that I have nor morals, as I'm publishing this photo of her, and the kitchen at the Adel Store and Tavern.


Photo:  After I found out that I'd missed breakfast, I asked Marcy what was on the menu for lunch, and she replied "A half pound sirloin burger and fries."  Sign me up!  While I was waiting, I got a cold Coors draught beer, from the tap, poured into an icy-cold el fruit jar, which made the beer taste somewhat better.  No worries... Coors is one of my favorite brands of domestic beer.  I'm not camera shy, so I asked Marcy to take my photo of "me," sitting at the bar, with my delicious lunch, and an el fruit jar full of draught Coors beer.  Condiments of mustard and ketchup are offered in squeeze bottles, in the style of the finest diner.  It just doesn't get any better than this!!!


Photo:  What a lunch!!!   Step One:  Coors beer from the tap, served in an icy-cold el fruit jar. I could have enjoyed additional beers, but I had to drive... darn!  Step Two:  Grilled half pound sirloin patty, topped with provolone cheese, served on a fresh bun, topped with sliced tomatoes, pickles, lettuce and onions.  Step Three:  A mountain of fries.  Step Four:  I ate everything!!! What a great meal...

Ah yes... After a long, dusty trip north from Gerlach, Nevada, Adel was the only civilization on the horizon, and the Adel Store and Tavern was a fine place to relax, purchase groceries, gas, beer, and have a bite to eat.  I enjoyed a great burger, and was treated to a true piece of Americana, and a true slice of southeastern Oregon cuisine.

Adel Store and Tavern
18586 Twenty Mile Rd.
Adel, OR 97620
541 947-3850

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