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When you're in Nevada's "cowboy country," doesn't Chinese food sound like just the thing for dinner?  Chinese food certainly sounded good to me on Friday, March 5, 2010, as I pulled into town, checked into my motel room, and got my bearings.  Not to mention that Wonderful House Chinese Restaurant is located just a little more than a football field away from my lodgings, so Wonderful House was the place where I chose to dine.

Photo:  Wonderful House is located in the parking lot, in front of Raley's, and offers ample parking.

When I walked into the restaurant on this early Friday evening, I had the place all to myself.  This was rodeo weekend in Winnemucca, so perhaps all of the cowboys and cowgirls were at the nearby barbecue restaurant that also doubles as a brew pub.  Wonderful House is quite nice inside, very clean, comfortable, and decorated in pastel colors.  It lacks the gawdy, kitschy dragons and fish tank that's found in most Chinese restaurants, and if you didn't know you were in a Chinese restaurant, you might even think you were inside a low-end American diner. The lack of Chinese decor might scare some people away, but it didn't bother me, as I headed to the counter and was greeted by the owner, and tonight's sole employee, a gentleman by the name of Sam.  I arrived at an odd time - about 4 in the afternoon, so I was between lunch and dinner, but I wasn't in the mood for anything special. After looking over the menu, I ordered rice with chicken to go, and a Corona beer to enjoy while Sam prepared my meal.

Photo:  Does this look like a Chinese restaurant?  Due to the many partitions, it was difficult to get a wide angle photo.

Photo:  Sammy at the counter, with a portion of the kitchen in the background.  I enjoyed a Corona beer, so I enjoyed a multi-national experience this Friday evening in Winnemucca.

I don't know what variety of magic Sam used, but I'd only taken a couple of swigs of my beer when he cheerfully handed me a box full of fried rice and chicken.  I paid for me meal, and between swigs of beer, chit-chatted a bit. Since I was dressed western, which is my de facto standard mode of dress, Sam assumed that I was attending the rodeo, which I assured him that I was planning to do.  Note:  I was planning to attend the rodeo, but my plans got cancelled due to other issues.

I wasn't planning to eat immediately, as I had a high frequency amateur radio net that I wanted to check into, so I stashed the dinner in the motel refrigerator, downed a couple of beers, checked into the net, uploaded photos to my computer, and took care of a few other items.  

Photo:  My dinner of fried rice and chicken was delicious.

When I got around to dinner, I popped it into the microwave oven, heated it for a minute or so, and sat down to enjoy my feast.  The rice was cooked perfectly, it wasn’t greasy, and it had lots of peas and carrots, fried eggs, and of course, chicken.  Sam had included a few of those little packages of that gooey, sweet, red sauce, but I elected not to garnish my dinner with it.

Wonderful House Chinese Restaurant makes great Chinese food, which to me, is just the cuisine to enjoy when you're visiting beautiful Winnemucca.  If you're in the mood for Chinese cuisine, Wonderful House Chinese Restaurant is the place to visit.

Wonderful House Chinese Restaurant
1105 West 4th Street
Winnemucca, NV 89445
775 623-5997

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