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When you're driving on U.S. Highway 50 in rural Nevada, cafes and restaurants are few and far between, and you feel lucky when you come upon a great place to eat.  In the small town of Austin, located near the middle of the state on the "Loneliest Road in America," there are exactly two restaurants, and only one of them serves breakfast. No worries, as Toiyabe Cafe serves an excellent breakfast in downtown Austin.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Toiyabe Cafe is located on Main Street, near the east end of Austin, and is the only restaurant in town that serves breakfast.  They may enjoy a monopoly, but they serve quality food, and their prices are very reasonable, especially considering the remote location.  The restaurant opens at 6 every morning, and closes at 4 in the afternoon, for those who enjoy a very early dinner.  Today is Friday, June 16, 2017, and it's a little after 6 in the morning, and my mind is set on breakfast.

Photo:  The dining room, as you walk in the door.  Note the decorations of western posters, photos and plaques, along with the mounted animal trophies.  That's a pronghorn antelope mounted on the wall to the left of the photo, and the if you're a hunter, you'll love the Austin area, as it's where the deer and the antelope "play."  Check out the cardboard cutout of John Wayne near the right of the photo.  

Photo:  As you walk in the door, turn to the left and you'll see the cashier's station, and you'll get a peek into the kitchen.  Toiyabe Cafe is a "sit down" restaurant, but you may order at the counter if you choose.  The blackboard advertises soft serve vanilla ice cream cones, which Toiyabe Cafe is famous for.

Photo:  Another view of the main dining room, as viewed through "John Wayne's" eyes.

Photo:  The breakfast menu is compact, and to the point.  My eyes stopped on the first choice on the menu, bacon and eggs, and I really didn't go any further.

Photo:  These two ladies were sitting at a table next to me, and the gentleman in the blue shirt was sitting at another table, and we struck up a conversation.  We mostly talked about the beauty of the area, and about the amazing variety of outdoor activities the area offers.  The gentleman seems to be making a point with our server, Shadow, as she seems very interested in what he's talking about.

Toiyabe Cafe is a favorite of the Austin locals, and a favorite restaurant of travelers along Highway 50.  It's very "country," and a true slice of "Americana."

Photo:  My friendly server, Shadow, brings my breakfast to the table.  During the course of my visit, she and I had quite a conversation about many things, and she was particularly interested that I was taking photos, and was planning to post a write-up on my visit.  Shadow and everybody I chatted with at the restaurant were really friendly, as is the way it is in rural Nevada.

Photo:  I'm all smiles as I prepare to enjoy a delicious breakfast at Toiyabe Cafe.  Thanks, Shadow, for taking my photo.

Photo:  Such a delicious breakfast!  Eggs, over easy, bacon cooked perfectly - not burnt or stiff - hash brown potatoes, sourdough toast, and a bottomless cup of delicious coffee.  Toiyabe Cafe is serious about breakfast, and if you love breakfast as much as I do, Toiyabe Cafe is the place to stop and enjoy.

The food is amazing, the price is right, and the staff and locals are very friendly.  As you explore the "Loneliest Road in America, and you're in the mood for a great meal, stop by the Toiyabe Cafe, in Austin, Nevada.

Toiyabe Cafe
150 Main St.
Austin, NV 89310
775 964-2220

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