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I love anything  when it comes to "aviation" and I love eating great food, and when you combine aviation and delicious food, it makes for a great day.  My "day" was combined as I enjoyed an amazing breakfast at Taildragger Cafe, located at the Minden-Tahoe airport, in Minden, NV.  I simply CANNOT RESIST an "aviotion themed" restaurant located at an airport, with a view of the runway!

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's a little after 07:30 in the morning, Thursday, March 25, 2021, and I've arrived at Taildragger Cafe to enjoy a great breakfast.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll notice the "aviation" decor, and the great view of the runway of the Minden-Tahoe airport.  I sat at the bar so I could savor the view of the runway, the airport and the nearby mountains.

Photo:  The dining room is very spacious, and even though the COVID virus is nearing an ending, the tables and furniture were placed "socially distanced" apart from each other.  The decor of the dining room reflects on the "aviation theme" of the restaurant.  Anywhere you sit in the dining room, you'll be treated to a great view of the airport and the runway.  

If you like airplanes and great food, this is YOUR restaurant!

Photo:  The restaurant offers a selection of souvenirs, including "branded" shirts.

Photo:  My friendly server, Renee, at the bar, grabbing me a Coors beer for breakfast.  Yes... that's for breakfast, as a beer is much better than coffee.  

Taildragger Cafe features a full-service bar, with an amazing view of the airport, the runway, and the nearby Pine Nut mountains.  In keeping with the spirit of Nevada, the bar is always open, any time the restaurant is open.

Photo:  The first page of the breakfast menu offers all of your breakfast classic choices.  The prices are super-reasonable, and reflect 2001 prices, rather than 2021.  Everything on the menu looked delicious!

Photo:  Second page of the breakfast menu.  I was going to order chorizo and eggs until Renee told me about today's breakfast special, "Machaca con Huevos," which I simply couldn't resist.  

Photo:  My friendly server, Renee, takes an order from another patron.  At 07:30 this morning, the restaurant was lightly seated.  I sat at the bar, which is my preferred seating when I dine alone.  

Photo:  My view of the airport, runway, airplanes and the nearby Pine Nut mountains, from my seat at the bar.  This view makes the delicious food Taildragger Cafe offers taste even better.

Photo:  Meet Renee M. my friendly hostess, who greeted with a smile, as she brought my delicious breakfast to me. Such a friendly person!

Photo:  Thanks to my hostess, Renee, who took my photo, as I prepare to enjoy a great breakfast.  Taildragger Cafe isn't "fast food," but my breakfast arrived in only about 20 minutes after I placed my order.  That's FAST!!!

Photo:  Taildragger Cafe offers daily specials, and when Renee greeted me, and told me today's breakfast "special" was "Machaca con Huevos," which I could not resist.  This amazing breakfast is not on the restaurant's menu, as it's a "special" that appears occasionally.  When it comes to anything "Mexican" for breakfast... count me on board, as Mexican food is my favorite.

The seasoned, shredded pork was mixed with scrambled eggs, and covered with fresh, in-house-made salsa.  I was offered the choice between hash brown potatoes or "home fry" style of potatoes, and I chose hash brown, as I haven't yet figured out how to cook hash browns properly, after all these years.  I was offered a choice of toast, corn or flour tortillas, and... naturally, I chose corn tortillas.  A small cup of spicy, red salsa was served on the side.

My breakfast was simply delicious!  The pork machaca was tender and juicy, the scrambled eggs blended well with the seasoned pork, and the in-house-made fresh salsa topped the pork and eggs, and made for an amazing combination.  

The hash brown potatoes were cooked to perfection, as they were golden brown on the outside, with just the right amount of "crunch," and tender and white on the inside.  The three corn tortillas... what can I say about warm corn tortillas for breakfast?  Does it get any better?  The warm tortillas were simply delicious.  I loved the small cup of spicy, house salsa served on the side.

Photo:  My breakfast "special" of "Machaca con Huevos," as served at Taildragger Cafe, on this Thursday morning in late March.  This breakfast is as good as it gets!  The beer for breakfast added a great touch.

Taildragger Cafe features outstanding dining, with friendly service, and as you enjoy your amazing meal, you'll be treated to airplanes in action at the Minden-Tahoe airport.  

When you combine friendly service, amazing food, rock-bottom prices, and a "million dollar" view of a municipal airport runway, Taildragger Cafe adds up to a "destination" restaurant, any way you look at it.

What more could you ever ask for?  Taildragger Cafe... Minden, Nevada.

Taildragger Cafe
1150 Airport Rd.
Minden, NV 89423
775 782-9500

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