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Country Sunflower is a classic mom and pop diner, located on Route 95A, a few miles east of Yerrington.  The restaurant is combined with a convienience store, all under the same roof, and a gas station in front.  Country Sunflower is open for breakfast and lunch, and features classic, diner-style "comfort food," served by friendly staff, in a "homey" atmosphere.

Photo:  Country Sunflower is located a few miles east of Yerrington, Nevada, in the middle of ranching country. It's not surprising that many of their customers are ranchers, Yerrington locals, or folks passing by on U.S. Highway 95A.  I was passing through on Tuesday morning, May 31, 2016, and in the mood for a great breakfast, and this looked like "my" kind of restaurant.  Country Sunflower combines a restaurant, convenience store under one roof, with gas pumps in front of the building.

Photo:  You're in rural Nevada, right in the middle of ranching and farming country, so it's no unusual to spot a nearly-extinct pay phone, at the entrance to the restaurant.  I love the cord dangling from the bottom of the phone; I didn't even check for dial tone.  Note the propped-open door on this mid-Tuesday morning that welcomes customers to a delicious breakfast or lunch.

Photo:  As you walk inside the restaurant, you'll note the "country" atmosphere, which works great in rural Nevada. Most of the customers are local ranchers or blue-collar workers, but the restaurant caters to travelers passing by on U.S. 95A.

Photo:  Co-located with the restaurant, under the same roof, is a convienience store.

Photo:  Next to the restaurant, there is a foyer, which offers semi-patio dining, in an enclosed room.  I elected to dine in the foyer, as it offered a great view of the highway, and the beautiful Nevada scenery.  The entrance to the convenience store is in the center, rear of the photo.  In the right-rear of the photo, there is a rack that holds paperback books with a sign that reads "free books."

In the far right corner of the photo, there is a white board that states the restaurant is open every day, from 7 o'clock in the morning until 2:30 in the afternoon.  The menu states breakfast is available until 11:00, but lunch is served anytime the restaurant is open.  I found that interesting, as the time-frame is different from most restaurants that are open for breakfast or lunch only.

Photo:  The breakfast menu is quite extensive, but nor particularly imaginitive.  It offers lots of home-style, "stick to your ribs" favorites, and classic diner cuisine.  I never get tired of this variety of food, and when I looked at the menu, I knew that I'd arrived at the right restaurant.  Naturally, I gravitated toward the "Old Fashioned Breakfast" section, at the top of the menu.

Photo:  Country Sunflower features a semi-open kitchen, where you can watch the staff preparing your meal.  My server, Peggy, is "multi-tasking," as she first took my order, and now she's cooking my breakfast.

Photo:  I look through the window to the kitchen, visible in the previous photo, and watch Peggy cooking my breakfast, as her grandchildren look on.  Their mom, Peggy's daughter, was also working in the restaurant, but she seemed to mostly be in the adjoining convienience store, as Peggy handled the restaurant.

Photo:  Close shot of the rack of "Free Books" located in the foyer, next to the entrance to the convenience store. This was a new experience for me, as I'd never seen anything like this during my restaurant career.  I glanced at the books and noted the predominant genre was romance and westerns, which didn't surprise me.

Photo:  My friendly server, Peggy, places my delicious, and GIGANTIC breakfast on my table.  Peggy was very friendly, and kept my coffee cup full of delicious coffee, as I enjoyed drinking my coffee from and Elvis mug. During our conversation, Peggy told me that she has worked at Country Sunflower for over 20 years, which is definitely a milestone.  I chose to dine on the foyer/sun room, as I loved the view of the beautiful rural Nevada scenery.

Photo:  Thanks, Peggy, for snapping my photo, as I'm ready to enjoy a delicious breakfast at Country Sunflower.

Photo:  My eyes fixated on the "Old Fashioned Breakfast" section at the top of the breakfast menu, and since I was starving, I decided to go BIG with my breakfast today.  Unlike many restaurants, this mom and pop diner doesn't give their selections "cutesy-poo" names, or names of any kind, as you basically order from the menu, which describes your breakfast.  As an aside, the de facto side dish standard that nearly all "Old Fashioned Breakfast" choices include is biscuits and gravy.  Oh my!

From the top of the menu, I ordered two biscuits and gravy, hash browns, two eggs, with sausage, but bacon was offered, but if you read my breakfast posts on a regular basis, you know I prefer sausage.  To enhance the presentation, the breakfast arrived with fruit on the side, and... surprise! ... an extra bowl of amazing country gravy!

My breakfast was delicious and simply amazing!  The biscuits and gravy were in-house made; you could tell they were made from scratch.  Notice the chunks of sausage in the gravy!  The hashbrowns were perfect, the eggs were cooked to perfection, over easy, as per my request, and the sausage links were big, beefy, and "snapped" when I cut into them.  This breakfast was amazing!

Country Sunflower is must-visit restaurant in Yerrington if you're in the mood for a great meal at a reasonable price, gigantic portions, and lots of friendly service.  You'll love the country atmosphere, the delicious food, and the locals who enjoy the great food, and socialize this great diner.  When you're hungry, and ready for a superior meal in Yerrington, stop at Country Sunflower.

Country Sunflower
1 Willhoyt Ln.
Yerrington, NV 89447
775 463-2054

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