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You just can't go wrong with Subway Sandwiches, as the food is always fresh, you get your food made the way you want it, and if you're watching your waist line, it's easy to stay on your diet if you order one of Jared's specials.  Not to mention you can't beat the $5.00 foot long sandwich, as it's a sweet deal.  Subway is good ol' American comfort food at it's best, and their food is healthy as well.  On Friday, March 5, 2010, after checking into my motel room, I crossed the street and hiked a couple blocks east to the nearest Subway Sandwich store, in beautiful Winnemucca, Nevada.

Photo:  Winnemucca's Subway outlet even serves breakfast.  Note the dirty truck parked in front of the restaurant, as Winnemucca is definitely in snow country.

I walked into the store, and there was a Generation-X guy and a grandmotherly-looking lady behind the counter.  I was greeted with a friendly smile, and the lady asked me what I wanted.  Simple:  One of Jared's favorites, a $5.00 food long sandwich of turkey breast, provolone cheese, tomatoes, red onions, lettuce and jalapeno peppers, on a sourdough bun, with only mustard for garnish.  I asked the lady to load up the sandwich with veggies, which she proceeded to do. A television was tuned to a show featuring Disney's most beautiful baby picked, and I joked that I was Disney's pick, circa 1956, and that got a huge laugh out of the staff and the handful of customers that were in the restaurant.  As they were making my sandwich, I whipped out my camera and snapped a couple of photos, and the Generation-X guy asked my what I was taking photos, and I told him the reason was because I was picked as Disney's most beautiful baby in 1956, and that brought anther round of laughter from everybody.

Photo:  Mr. Generation-X prepares my sandwich.

Since I was dressed in my customary western wear, they must have assumed that I was a participant in the rodeo, as this was rodeo weekend, as they asked me questions about the rodeo, and I played the part that I was a participant.  When in Winnemucca, do as the Winnemuccans do, and if you can't provide the facts, dazzle them with b.s.  Now that's something that I'm pretty good at doing!

Photo:  I opened up my sandwich to take the photo before eating all 12 inches of it!  The sandwich was delicious.

Predictably, my sandwich was delicious, as it was made from fresh ingredients, and prepared to my specifications, before my eyes.  Subway Sandwiches definitely knows how to prepare delicious sandwiches, and the outlet in Winnemucca is no exception.  Besides the great meal, I enjoyed the friendly banter with the staff, and I almost think that they believed my lines.  Whatever the case, I'll be back for more.

Subway Sandwiches
936 West Winnemucca Blvd.
Winnemucca, NV 89445
775 623-5515

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