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Star Point Trading Post and RV Park is a friendly outpost, located in Mill City, Nevada along I-80 about a half hour west of Winnemucca.  Star has a well-equipped general store, that sells a little of everything when it comes to groceries, beer, liquor along with camping supplies, hardware and automotive supplies.  But... that's not all, as there's a fantastic restaurant, that features a full-service bar, for your enjoyment!

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's a little past noon on Monday, July 12, 2021, and I've arrived at Star Point Trading Post and RV Park, located in Mill City, NV.  The restaurant, bar, store, along with postal boxes are located inside the building, and the RV park is up a small hill and behind the building, not visable in the photo.

Photo:  As you enter, you'll notice the cashier's station is to your immediate left, with the bar and restaurant just beyond.  To your right is the general store.  The building is evenly divided between the store and the restaurant.  I love the giant yellow gumball machine.  Dollar bills are stuck to every column in the bar area.

Photo:  The general store has a little bit of everything, as it's the only store for many miles.  You name it, they have it, including a deli case, snacks, a few groceries, lots of beer and soft drinks, with a shelf that has a good selection of wine and liquor.  The aisle in the center has a great selection of nuts and bolts, and on the other side, there is lots of camping and outdoor products.  There are also automotive items, and cleaning supplies.  Even though they have a near-monopoly for miles around, the prices are what you'd expect to pay if you were in downtown Winnemucca.

Photo:  Looking into the dining room of the restaurant, from the general store.  The bar is to the left, past the cashier's station.  The dining room is clean, spacious, rustic, and very comfortable.  You can dine at a table, or if you prefer, you can enjoy your meal at the bar.

Photo:  The second page of the 7-page menu features "Burgers and Sandwiches."  I was tempted to order the "Half Pound Foot Long All Beef Hot Dog," but in the end, I went with the "Half Pound Original Buster Burger."  All burgers and sandwiches include cheese and a side, and the menu offers a vast assortment to choose from.  To see all seven pages of the menu, CLICK ON THIS LINK, as I've posted the complete menu.

Photo:  The bar does not serve beer from the tap, but it's offered in the bottle, and the brands the restaurant carries are placed behind the bar for you to choose from, as the bar doesn't have a menu.  Below the beer is a great selection of hot sauces, and other condiments.

Photo:  Don, who was tending bar, and performing cashier, and other duties, is writing up an order from one of the residents from the RV park, located behind the general store/restaurant.  He's just served this gentleman a beer, and a double shot of whiskey.

Photo:  Some of the very rustic decor that are hung on the wood-paneled walls, which add western charm to the restaurant.

Photo:  Behind the bar, there are post office boxes, for residents of the RV park, along with local ranchers.  Mill City is a small community, located in an area with vast, uninhabited open spaces.  It's mostly B.L.M. land, and offers countless outdoor recreational opportunities.

Photo:  Meet Tara, the amazingly friendly chef and hostess, who brought my burger to me with a smile.  I suppose I was so enamored by my burger, and her charm, that I forgot to have my photo taken with my burger until I was almost finished.

Photo:  From the "Burgers and Sandwiches" section of the menu, I went the "Half Pound Original Buster Burger," which seemed to be the "signature" offering on the lunch menu.  All burgers include cheese, so I chose "Pepper Jack," and my side was "Crinkle Fries."

When you order a burger, you are treated to a vast array of sides, along with several varieties of cheese, which is included with the price of your order.  Side choices include crinkle fries, seasoned curly fries, seasoned Jojo potatoes, onion rings, baked potato, small green salad or cottage cheese.  I've never seen a restaurant that offers so many choices of sides!  Cheese choices include American, pepper jack or Swiss. Add-ons are available for additional $1.00 each.

The burger stated out with a half-pound of ground beef, cooked perfectly medium, just the way I love it.  When I placed my order, I didn't mention how I desired my meat to be cooked, but I'm sure Tara could have cooked it any way I wanted.  The pepper jack cheese was melted perfectly, and the helping cheese was large.  The meat and cheese was set on a large, fresh, lightly buttered and toasted roll.  The fresh garnishes of lettuce, onion and tomato were placed on the plate, to be added at my discretion.  This is an outstanding for a superior burger, as the 'hot' stays "hot," and the "cold' stays cold.  Tara knows her burgers!

The "Crinkle Fries," were deep fried to a light golden brown, and lightly salted, which made for perfect fries. Included on the side was a small cup of ranch dressing, which makes for an outstanding dip.  I could have asked for ketchup or hot sauce, but I'm happy with ranch!

I added the onion, lettuce and tomato, and took a bite into my burger, and was instantly in "burger heaven."  The meat was lightly seasoned, juicy and tender, and I could actually taste the pepper jack cheese, which enhanced this amazing burger.  The cool garnishes contrasted to the hot meat, cheese and bun, which made for one of the best burgers that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy for a long time.  Chef Tara has talent!

Photo:  My burger, assembled and ready enjoy.  When the garnishes are served separately, they stay cool and crisp, and don't get mushy.  When you bite into the burger, the hot vs. cold adds a whole new dimension to the burger! The chef at Star Point Trading Post knows her trade well!

As I enjoyed my cheeseburger, a steady stream of locals came in to purchase things in the store, pick up a newspaper, or just to chit-chat.  Don knew everybody by name, as Mill City is a small community.

My "Original Buster Burger" was simply delicious, the fries were amazing, the beer was cold, and the staff was super friendly.  When you're in the mood for great food, and maybe you need to pick up a few supplies, stop by Star Point Trading Post and RV Park, enjoy the food, and say a friendly "hello" to Don and Tara.

Star Point Trading Post and RV Park
150 State Rout 400
Mill City, NV 89418
775 538-7677

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