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We picked up our grandson, Paris, at McCarran International Airport, and after the hour flight from SoCal, he was hungry.  We let him choose the restaurant, and he chose the nearest Smashburger to the airport, which is his favorite hamburger restaurant in Las Vegas.

Photo:  The South Maryland Parkway location of Smashburger features outdoor dining, but on this unusually chilly October evening, we chose to dine indoors.

Photo:  Like other fast food restaurants, you place your order at the counter, pay for it, and if the restaurant is busy, you receive a number for your troubles.  On this early Friday evening, October 11, 2013, Smashburger wasn't busy, so no numbers were necessary.  

Photo:  Our smiling host brings our order to the table.  Unlike many fast food restaurants, Smashburger sells beer and wine with a catch:  You can only order alcohol with a meal.  Paris laughs, as it looks like my mug of beer is his, but the photo makes it seem close to him.

Photo:  Thank you, Mr. Smiling Host, for taking our photo.  Jacquie and I both enjoyed Olympia beer, which I haven't tasted in years.

Photo:  Smashburger is unique among restaurant chains, as each store reflects a different menu, and many items are offered only within a specific market, such as the "Sin City Burger" is only offered in the Las Vegas metro area. I didn't feel sinful, so I went with a "Large Avocado Club," which is available in nearly every market, as it's a delicious and popular burger.  You can order a "Smash," but for a dollar more, you get the "Big Smash," so I took the plunge and went big. "Avocado Club" starts with the smashed burger patty, which is "smashed" to seal in the juices, and includes avocado, lettuce, tomato, bacon, ranch dressing and mayonnaise, served on a multi-grain bun.  I substituted a spicy chipotle bun, which is great, as Smashburger allows you to mix and match.  I opted for a side of "French Fries," which, along with the beer, rounded out the meal.  It seemed a bit odd the burger was served open face, but it allowed for a great photo, and the burger was so juicy and favorable, that I didn't add any mustard, as the burger was delicious!  Now I know why so many people rave about Smashburger!

Yes, Smashburger is a chain of restaurants specializing in burgers, chicken and more, but their burgers sizzle, and they're a "smash," and by any yardstick, Smashburger produces an outstanding burger.

4725 S. Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89119
702 385-0043

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