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WelcomeNobel Roman's Pizza is a small pizza restaurant, located inside the spacious Grand Canyon Experience convenience store, on the Las Vegas "strip," locaed next to MGM Hotel/Casino, and across the street from fabulous New York, New York hotel/casino.

Photo:  Noble Roman's Pizza is located inside Grand Canyon Experience, a huge convenience store that sells souvenieers, snacks, booze, and actually offers excursions to nearby Grand Canyon National Park.  The store is located on the Las Vegas strip, on Las Vegas Blvd., and one of the amenities is that it's legal to drink outside, on the street, which is one of only a handful of places in the U.S.A. where such activity is legal.  So, I love to purchase a tall beer, and sit outside and enjoy the action of the strip. Of course, no drinking and driving is allowed, but no worries on my part, as I prefer to hike.

Photo:  The menu is posted above the counter, and yes, it's limited, but the food is good, and the price is right. From the 7" Individual Size Pizzas I chose "The Works," which seemed like a wise choice, as when I order a pizza, I want everything on it.

Photo:  On this mid Friday afternoon, May 09, 2014, there was only one gal working the restaurant, but after I placed, and paid for my pizza, she got to work, and it was ready in less than 10 minutes.

Photo:  Just a close look inside the kitchen, which is open, and fully viable from the order window, and the inside of the convenience store.

Photo:  Noble Roman's Pizza doesn't offer any seating, as it's a "we make it, bake it, and you take it" type of pizza place.  In front of Grand Canyon Experience, there are plenty of places to sit, enjoy a beer and a great pizza, and savor the every-changing parade of interesting scenery on the Las Vegas strip.

Photo:  "The Works," 7-inch individual size pizza includes pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onion, green pepper and bacon, and it's delicious!  At $6.89, it's a great bargain, as you could easily spend more on a Bloody Mary at a casino, and although you might be slightly buzzed, you'd still be hungry.  Dispite the cheap price, and the somewhat "industrial" service, the crust was perfect, the cheese/sauce cooked perfectly, and the toppings were fresh and delicious.  Noble Roman's Pizza serves a great pizza on the Las Vegas strip!

The pizza is delicious, and you can't beat the price!  Grab yourself a beer from the convenience store, find a place to sit outside - the choices are ample - and drink beer, and savor the always-interesting, non-stop action on the Las Vegas strip.  Love it!

Noble Roman's Pizza
Grand Canyon Experience
3791 Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
702 740-8484

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