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Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, home to the $1.99 foot long hot dog at Snack Nook, located inside the Best Western Hotel Casino Royale, on the Las Vegas strip.

Photo:  Best Western Hotel/Casino Royale, located on the Las Vegas strip.  Snack Nook is located inside the sapcious hotel/casino.  Note the sign on the marquee advertises the $1.99 foot long hotdog.

Photo:  Walk into the casino, head to the back, and you'll find Snack Nook, along with other food vendors, located in a small food court.

Photo:  The menu is posted above the order counter, and it's as basic as it gets.  Obviously, the $1.99 foot long hot dog is a "loss leader," when you compare the dog to the other items offered on the menu.  Add one topping for $.89?  Yikes!!!  $2.99 for a bottle of water?  C'mon... I can drink out of a water fountain in the casino for free!!  Do the math, and not the difference between a dog, or a "Combo," which adds a drink and chips.  The drink and chips add $3.500 to the price of the meal!!!  Crazy and outragous!  So, I just ordered the dog, and allowed the casino to "eat" the profit, while I enjoyed the foot-long hot dog.

Photo:  One of the two friendly counter gals gets my foot long hot dog ready.

Photo:  You order your dog and pay for it at the counter.  At a penny under a couple of bucks, the foot-long dog is a good value, and a real bargan on the Las Vegas strip.  It's certainly a "loss leader" to drag gamblers into the casino, where the food court is located.  As for me, they lost their shirt on me, as I refuse to throw my money away at the machines, or the tables, and my only purpose is to eat, drink, and be merry.  The food court also offers $.99 bottles of beer, so I took full advantage of the cheap food and drink.

Photo:  The $1.99 foot long dog, as it arrives, quite naked and undressed.  I actually measured the dog to be 13" long, and the bun to be 11" long.  The dog is long, but pretty narrow, but has a good "crunch" when you bit into it. It's basic, but a good dog.

Photo:  Can you say "Craps?"  Or can you say "hot dog?"  I asked the counter gal to take my photo, as I pose with my "naked dog" at the food court, located ionside Best Western Hotel/Casino Royale, on the Las Vegas strip.

Photo:  The condiment station is located at the end of the restaurant, and offers four condimets:  Catsup, mustard, relish and diced onion.  I applied mustard, onion and relish, but shunned catsup, as I NEVER use ketchup on a hot dog, as that's just kid stuff, and I'm exactly a kid.

Photo:  My foot-long hot dog is dressed out, and ready to enjoy.  The dog was great, and at the bargain price of $1.99, it only makes the dog taste better!

The dog is basic, the condiments are basic, but you can't beat the price, nor can you beat the friendly service and the "royale" atmosphere.  Why pay $5.00 or more for a dog at other places in Las Vegas when you can enjoy a food-long dog , on the "strip," for $1.99 at Snack Nook.  My feelings, exactly...

Snack Nook
Best Western Hotel Calino Royale
3411 Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, Nv. 89109
702 369-2176

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