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Perhaps you could label me as a hillbilly, as I've never been to a REALLY fancy restaurant, and just by seeing some of the menus posted of high-end restaurants on the web, I wouldn't know what to order, as I don't understand fancy-speak.  I'm a GIGANTIC fan of diners, coffee shops, and retro restaurants, so when I heard of No Frills Diner, located in Ogden, UT, I couldn't wait to pay them a visit.  Unfortunately, the restaurant didn't live up to it's expectations...

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  The building is plain, simple and lives up to it's name as the No Frills Diner.  The diner operates every day from 8 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon, serving breakfast and lunch.  It's a little after 8 in the morning on Wednesday, August 30, 2017, and I'm hungry for breakfast, but ultimately I choose to enjoy a burger from the lunch menu.

Photo:  I walked into a restaurant empty of customers but with three staff members hard at work.  A gentleman, who appeared to be the owner, invited me to sit anywhere I wanted to.  The restaurant is very clean, modern - with a retro theme - and patriotic.  You're treated to '50's style posters, muscle cars, memorabilia, and even a black and white tile floor.  If you love Coca Cola, you've come to the right place, as Coca Cola is the main decor theme of the restaurant.

Photo:  This cabinet showcases Coca Cola history and memorabilia.  Who's the photographer taking the photo, as reflected in the mirror?

Photo:  The dining room is all tables and booths, but lacks a counter, which I though a little odd in keeping with the retro atmosphere.  1950's and '60's doo-wap music was playing in the background.  Look at those roller skates in the foreground... I haven't seen any of those since I was a child, in the 1960's.

Photo:  The time was a little past 8 in the morning, the time the restaurant opens, but I was in the mood for a burger, so I passed on the breakfast menu, and went straight to the lunch menu, and my eyes never left the "Hand Crafted Burger" section.  At No Frills Diner, you can order anything from any menu any time the restaurant is open.

Photo:  After taking my order for a "Avocado Bacon Burger," my host, Brandon, made his way back to the kitchen, where he appeared to busy himself filling salt and pepper shakers.  There is one chef in the kitchen, as seen through the window, and another gentleman - I assume was the owner - busy meeting, greeting, and appearing to tidy things up for the business day.  Actually, during the hour I spent at No Frills Diner, I was the only customer. Perhaps that's because of Brandon's less then welcoming demeanor?

Photo:  As I always do, when I enter a restaurant, I give my greeter my business card, briefly tell them about my web site, and the fact that I want to take photos to document my visit, and publish my experience on this web page. The gentleman who greeted and seated me - I assume the owner - agreed, and thought it was a great idea.  Just for the record, if I get turned down at the "meat and greet" stage, I thank them, and leave.  No pictures = no business. So I figured I was good-to-go for today's meal...

I was wrong, as my camera-shy host, Brandon, scurried from the kitchen to my table, set my plate down, and made a bee-line back to the kitchen, doing everything he could to avoid having his picture taken.  After he placed my breakfast on the table, before he left in a hurried rush, I politely asked him if he would take my photo, with the food in front of me.  He simply said "No," and made his way back to the kitchen.  What the....?  In all my years of eating, and taking photos, I've never seen anything like that before.  I guess you learn something new every day.

I have a tip for Brandon.  Brandon, my man, if you're going to choose a career in customer service, you need to get with the program and actually serve the customer.  No, you're not paid as a model, but if a customer politely asks a simple request, such as to photo you was you serve the food, or to have his photo taken by you, even if you're uncomfortable with the process, just suck it up and do it, for the sake of your career, and the reputation of the restaurant.

I guess I must have scared Brandon, as I didnít see him again until I went to pay my check.

Photo:  Brandon refused to take my photo, and he shied away from refilling my coffee cup, but the other gentleman, who appeared to be the owner, repeatedly checked on me, refilled my coffee cup, and was more than happy to take my photo.  Thanks...

As an aside, when I finished my meal, and went to pay my bill, Brandon handled the cash register, asked me, "Sir, did you enjoy your meal?" and acted like all was well and good in the world,  I thanked him, and assured him I enjoyed my meal - the burger and tots were delicious - and politely thanked him for his service.  Near the register, here was a small jar with bills and change in in, and the jar was labeled "Brandon."  I stuck a dollar bill in it.  After leaving the restaurant, I wish I hadn't left Brandon a dollar tip.

Photo:  My "Avocado Bacon Burger," with optional cheese, and my side choice of tots.  I was amazed at the side choices, as they included tots, onion rings, fries, salad, soup, fruit or cottage cheese.  Tots seem to be very popular in Utah, so I chose tots, and they were delicious.

My burger arrived open faced, filled with a perfectly cooked patty of beef, mashed avocado, bacon, topped with lots of perfectly melted cheese.  Oh my!  Garnishes included tomato, pickle slices thick-cut onion and lettuce.  A cheeseburger for breakfast?  Why not.  This burger was cooked perfectly, the presentation was amazing, and it was a delicious burger.

The burger was excellent, priced right, and the presentation was diner-perfect.  Unfortunately, due to the on-again, off-again, and sometimes surly demeanor of my server, Brandon, No Frills Diner didn't live up to my expectations, as to ideals a home-town diner should embrace.  I really wanted to love this restaurant, but unfortunately, all I could manage was to enjoy the food, and tolerate the mediocre service, due to the poor attitude of my server, Brandon. Management should take a hard look at personnel issues, resolve said issues, and operate the restaurant with a new attitude.

No Frills Diner
449 W 12 St.
Ogden, UT 84404
801 393-6090

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