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Late Tuesday afternoon, March 29, 2016, I pulled into Tonopah, and checked into a motel, just north of downtown Tonopah.  As always, I was hungry for a fine Mexican dinner, and El Marques is located across Main Street from my motel, so I was in luck, and in the mood.

Photo:  It's 28 degrees on this early frosty evening, Tuesday March 29, 2016, and I'm ready to enjoy a delicious Mexican dinner at El Marques, in Tonopah.  As an aside, I'd been camping in nearby Death Valley National Park for the past week, enjoying canned food every day, so I was ready for dinner!  Check out the sign, as it advertises the giant screen television inside.

Photo:  The dining room includes a full-service bar, and has a sports bar "feel" with a Mexican twist.  The centerpiece of the dining room, besides the bar, is a 100-inch high-definition television monitor with a basketball game playing.  There is nothing else like this in Tonopah.

Photo:  I seated myself at the bar, ordered a Pacifico beer, which is my favorite brand of Mexican beer, and was immediately given a basket of chips, and a bowl of salsa.  Now, that's service!

Photo:  Looking from the far corner of the restaurant, the giant screen television monitor can be seen, as it's the centerpiece of the dining room.

Photo:  My friendly bartender, John, takes a break, as he watches the game for a couple of minutes.  The bar has a couple of smaller television monitors - the giant television monitor is to your back - but if you're a sports fan, it's easy to catch the action while sitting at the full-service bar.  I'm not a basketball fan, so I really didn't care, but if I had been dining at El Marques during football season, it would have been a whole different ball game, pun intended.  In chatting with John, he let me know that he's a basketball fan.

Photo:  My friendly hostess, Melissa, delivers my wonderful dinner, with a smile.  Even before I ordered dinner, I explained to her my "mission:"  To take photos, ask a lot of questions, post of my web site, and to post on Facebook.  Not only was she happy for me to take photos, but management give me a "freebie" Indio beer! Thanks, El Marques!

Photo:  I asked Melissa to chap my photo, and she cheerfully agreed.  This photo gives a different view into the dining room.  If I wasn't sitting at the bar, I would have loved to sit at one of many high, bistro-style tables that dominate the dining room.  El Marques is an outstanding Mexican restaurant!

Photo:  From the "Mexican Favorites" selection of the menu, I decided to order the #1 combination dinner, as I was hungry for some "real" food, after eating canned food for the last six days or so.  All dinners from the "Mexican Favorites" section come with rice and beans, and the #1 includes an enchilada, taco, and chilie relleno.  Oddly, I wasn't asked what variety of meat I prefer, but I didn't care, as I was hungry, and in need of good food.

The dinner was delicious.  Everything was fresh, and perfectly cooked.  My dinner arrived about 15 minutes after I placed my order, which is quite fast, in my book, and I suspect in Tonopah's book as well.  My bartender, John, treated me well, and my server, Melissa, was amazing.  

El Marques enjoys a monopoly on fine Mexican food in Tonopah, but that does not keep this fine restaurant from offering superior Mexican cuisine at reasonable prices, employing friendly staff, and maintaining a fun, sports-bar-like atmosphere with a definite Mexican twist.  Delicious food, friendly staff, and wonderful dining... at El Marques in Tonopah!

El Marques
348 N. Main St.
Tonopah, NV 89049
775 482-3885

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