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Maggie's Once More, located in Hawthorne, Nevada, is a gem of a restaurant - pun intended - as Hawthorne is the county seat of Mineral County.  Maggie's serves classic American diner cuisine, in a fun, comfortable, family-friendly dining atmosphere.

Photo:  It's 7:30 in the evening, on Memorial Day, Monday, May 30, 2016, and Maggie's Once More is decked out in patriotic flags and bunting to celebrate the holiday.  That is appropriate, as Hawthorne has been home to "Hawthorne Army Depot" since the 1920's.  The depot employs civilian contractors, and is one of the largest ammunition storage facilities in the country.  Hawthorne is a city of around 3,000 persons, and the ammunition depot is the largest employer in town.

Photo:  Inside the dining room, it's pure "Americana," and very clean and comfortable.  At first I elected to sit inside, but after placing my order, I changed my mind and moved outside to the patio, as the evening was lovely.

Photo:  The server's station and the window to the kitchen is separated from the dining room by a wall, but you can easily take a peek at the kitchen, without intruding, and take photos.  My server, Sarah, is chatting with the chef, who definitely knows how to make a delicious burger.

Photo:  The menu at Maggie's Once More is varied, and offers something for every taste.  Tonight, I was in the mood for a burger... Maggie's burger menu is pretty compact, but after looking at the menu for about 10 seconds, I decided to "have it all" and went with "Maggie's Royal Burger."

Photo:  After placing my order, I decided to move to the covered patio and enjoy the beautiful, warm evening.  It's nearly 8 o'clock on Memorial Day evening, and I'm sitting on the patio, watching the traffic - or lack of - on the main street in town.  Hawthorne is truly a sleepy town, but that could change if/when the proposed Interstate 11 is constructed, as the preferred route seems to be near Hawthorne.  I noted many businesses with banners supporting the proposed Interstate, so I suspect if the new Interstate is built, it would bring sweeping changes to Hawthorne.

I settled into my chair, sipping from an ice-cold glass of beer, and enjoyed the balmy evening.  In about 15 minutes, my dinner arrived.  What a dinner!

Photo:  My server, Sarah O., brings my dinner with a smile, along with a bottle of mustard, and a squeeze bottle of ketchup.  Sarah is a nice person, as she's very cheerful and attentive, but not intrusive.  It was a joy and a pleasure having her as my server.

Photo:  Thanks, Sarah, for snapping my photo, as I prepare to enjoy a great burger, and a large helping of some of the best fries that I've enjoyed in a long time.

Photo:  The burger menu starts out with a basic burger, which the menu describes as "boring,"  but I've never been "bored" with any burger.  All burgers start with 1/3 pound of Black Angus beef, and include, lettuce, onion, pickle and tomato.  That's a great start!  Your burger includes a side dish, and the choices include fries, potato salad, coleslaw, green salad, or a cup of soup.  Pony up a little more cash and you can enjoy onion rings, or beer-battered fries.  Yes, I should have chosen a green salad, but I just HAD to go with fries, as I adore, love and crave perfectly-cooked fries.  I was hungry, as I hadn't eaten since breakfast, and after glancing at the burger menu for about 10 seconds, I decided to "have it all" and go with "Maggie's Royal Burger."

"Maggie's Royal Burger" starts with the basic burger, but it includes a second meat patty, cheese, two strips of bacon, and a fried egg.  This makes for a HUGE burger!  Along with the massive amount of fries, this makes a meal for someone with a lumberjack appetite.  That description certainly described my appetite tonight.

Photo:  I opened up my burger to add mustard, as I'm a fan of mustard on my burgers, and I was amazed at the beautiful presentation!  Check out the fried egg; it's been a long time since I've enjoyed a fried egg on my burger.

The meat was cooked medium, to my specifications, and to perfection.  The bun was soft, chewy, and lightly toasted.  The lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion were crisp, fresh, and delicious.  The only thing I tend to be "picky" about is bacon, as I like it soft, and most restaurants want to fry it crisp.  (That's why I almost always order sausage for breakfast...)  I forgot to tell my friendly server how I like my bacon, but she must have read my mind, as the bacon was cooked perfectly.

This burger was amazing!  The burger tasted even better than it looks in the photo.  The burger was delicious, and the same can be said about the fries.  Maggie's Once More offers an outstanding burger!

I enjoyed my burger!  The weather was very pleasant on this early Memorial Day evening, so it was wonderful to dine outside on the patio, sip on a cold beer, enjoy a fantastic burger, and watch the evening unfold in Hawthorne.  When you're in Hawthorne, and you're in the mood for a superior burger, stop by friendly Maggie's Once More.  You'll be glad you did!

Maggie's Once More
785 "E" St.
Hawthorne, NV 89415
775 945-2575

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