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The 2013 Las Vegas Renaissance Festival was held in Sunset Park, and featured lots of good food, drink and reniassance festivities.  There were many "eateries" to choose from, but when I saw the size of the sausages offered by King's Sausage, my mind was made up, as there is nothing more than I love than a giant sausage.

Photo:  Wandering around the fair, I noticed people enjoying gigantic sausages on a bun, which grabbed my attention.  All of the food vendors are located in a central area, so it was easy to locate King's Sausage.  They shared an order with a next-door fish and chips place.  There was a central line that served both restaurants.  The line was quite long, and the wait time was about a half hour.  However, the delicious sausage was worth waiting for.  The condiment table is to the right of the pirate in the photo, which contains mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, onions and a couple varsities of relish.

Photo:  King's Sausage had samples of the wares, labeled, and placed on the counter.  I thought this was a nice touch, as I've never seen this before.  I decided to go with the German Sausage, but after reviewing the photo, I'm wondering why I didn't choose the Smoked German Sausage?  In all of the hustle and bustle, I'm assuming that I overlooked it.

Photo:  After waiting in line for a half hour, I finally reached the counter, where I placed my order and paid for it. Then, I was able to watch the cook grill my wonderful German Sausage, before my eyes.  Photo shows the busy operation on this Saturday afternoon, October 12, 2013.  The only negative aspect that I can relate about King's Sausage is the long wait in line, but that is part of the process at events such as the Renaissance Festival.  After placing my order, and paying for it, I received my order within five minutes.

Photo:  The cook places grilled onion and pepper on my giant German Sausage.  My daughter, Jacquie, chose a corn dog, along with fries, and I sampled a few of her fries, and they were as good as fries get.

Photo:  the only condiment I applied was mustard, as I didn't want to mask the taste of this fine sausage.  The German Sausage is a half-pound of sausage heaven, as it's cooked perfectly; the bun is crispy on the outside, and chewy on the inside, and the grilled pepper and onion really compliment the delicious sausage.  Since it was hot off the griddle, the bun was not soggy, and it actually stayed together as I enjoyed it.  This is a delicious sausage, and King's Sausage is highly recommended!

King's Sausage caters to events, such as the Renaissance Festival, but they have two market locations in the Las Vegas area.  If you're a sausage lover, as I am, you owe yourself a visit to King's Sausage.

King's Sausage
9480 S.  Eastern
Las Vegas, NV 89123

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