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How about this for a motto?   ... "Breakfast Served All Day..." or ... "We Never Close."  That's our kind of restaurant! Not to mention, Gold 'N Silver Inn was featured on the popular show "Diners, Drive-In's, Dives."  This is definitely our kind of restaurant!

Photo:  Tuesday monring, September 4, 2012, my wife and I had the pleasre to enjoy breakfast at Gold 'N Silver Inn, on West 4th Street, in Reno, Nevada.

Photo:  If you're a fan of casual dining - as we are - you'll love this restaurant, as there is no dress code, no greeter, and no formality.  As the sign says, you pick a table of your liking, seat yourself, and a friendly staff member will greet you and make you feel very comfortable.

Photo:  The kitchen, and the breakfast counter, is located at the rear of the restaurant.  The dining room is primarily booths, and each row is separated by a partition, as shown in the photo, which makes photography a challenge.  That being said, the restaurant is very "old-school" and quite comfortable.

Photo:  Georgina, our hostess, brings my breakfast to the table.  At Gold 'N Silver Inn, breakfast is served anytime, which shows breakfast lovers that this restaurant is serious about the most important meal of the day.  Their web site is posted at the end of this article, where you can view their extensive breakfast menu.

Photo:  Today, I felt like going vegetarian, so I ordered a basic breakfast of two fried eggs, hash brown potatoes, sourdough toast, with an optional bowl of gravy, and, of course, endless mugs of delicious coffee.  Well, I was "almost" vegetarian, as the gravy was sausage gravy, and included lots of chunks of sausage.  This breakfast was delicious!!!

Photo:  Sharlene and I pose for our camera, as our friendly server, Georgina, took this excellent photo.

Gold 'N Silver Inn is everything that it's known for, as it's a hang-out of the Reno locals, serves great food, the staff is friendly, and the atmosphere is definitely "old school."  Our kind of restaurant!

Gold 'N Silver Inn
790 West 4th St.
Reno, NV 89503
775 323-2696

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