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Eleven o'clock on a Sunday morning seems sort of late to eat breakfast, I won't refer to my meal at La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant, in Ely, Nevada as breakfast, so I'll just call it brunch.  As I'd been wandering around the historic Ward Mining District all morning, and finally made my way back into town, as the restaurant opened at 11:00 AM, my stomach cried out for nourishment, and Mexican food, sounded good.  Actually for me, Mexican food always sounds good, as it's my favorite cuisine, yes, even over a cheeseburger.

Left:  La Fiesta doesn't look like a typical Mexican restaurant, as it almost appears from the outside that they would specialize in waffles...  Right:  The view of the uncrowded dining room from my table, just after the restaurant opened for business.

La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant is a small chain of Mexican restaurants, located in the Nevada towns of Fallon, Fernley, and Ely, and I had the pleasure to dine at La Fiesta #3, according to the restaurant's sign.  I normally avoid chain restaurants, but a small chain of three restaurants in rural Nevada towns is not exactly an empire that stretches from coast to coast, plus, if you crave Mexican cuisine in Ely, La Fiesta is the only game in town.  

Photo:  I love freshly-made tortilla chips, which arrive hot from the kitchen, along with salsa and diced vegetables. I can't think of a better way to start off a delicious brunch.

I walked into the restaurant shortly after they opened, on Sunday, March 18, 2007, and was promptly greeted by a friendly server, seated, presented with a menu, and asked what I wanted to drink with my meal.  Pacifico beer, or course!  As I pondered the menu, I was presented with a plate of chips, a small bowl of runny, red salsa, and a dish of diced cabbage, tomatoes, cilantro and jalapeņo peppers.  The chips weren't chips from a bag, as they arrived warm from the fryer, and smelled, well, like freshly-created tortilla chips.  You see, the idea was to grab a chip, spoon some of the diced vegetables on it, pile some of the red salsa on the whole thing, and shovel it into your mouth, to enjoy true, tortilla-chip-and-salsa nirvana.  As I was filling my face with the delicious chips and salsa, and sipping my icy-cold Pacifico beer, the waiter came around to take my order. Today, I opted for chorizo, eggs, rice and refried beans, with a side of flour tortillas.  For brunch, it doesn't get any better than this!

Since it was early, there was only one other party in the restaurant, and the service was fast, as I was presented my breakfast, errrr brunch, in less than 15 minutes after ordering it.  I couldn't resist asking the friendly waiter if I could take a photo of him bringing my meal to the table, and he replied with a smile.  I love restaurants that employ friendly servers!

Photo:  Why didn't I ask this guy his name?  My friendly waiter brings a HUGE plate of chorizo and eggs, refried beans, rice, and six warm flour tortillas to my table, all of this with a huge smile.

For $8.95, you get a huge plate filled with delicious refried beans, topped with cheese, rice, and bits of chorizo, mixed with three scrambled eggs, and a tortilla warmer on the side, filled with six warm, fresh flour tortillas.  The food arrived with steam coming from the plate, and the smell was absolutely wonderful; imagine the smell of fresh beans, eggs and chorizo all mixed together.  Oh boy!  If you have an appetite, La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant is an excellent place to visit, as the portions are gigantic!  Your taste buds will be satisfied as well, as the food is fresh, delicious, and its quite obvious that the staff takes pride in the food that they serve.

Photo:  What a brunch!  I managed to eat it all, but it was a challenge.  You won't go away hungry at this restaurant!

Although they are the only Mexican restaurant in town, La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant doesn't operate as a monopoly, as the serve delicious food, offer fast service and skilful presentation, at family-friendly prices.  For delicious Mexican cuisine in Ely, Nevada, La Fiesta is highly recommended!

La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant #3
Great Basin Blvd. and Ave. "I"
Ely, NV 89301
775 289-4112

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