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Thursday, October 10, 2013, my wife, our oldest daughter, her significant other and I enjoyed a delicious dinner at Famous Dave's, in Henderson, Nevada.

Photo:  Twilight time, on Thursday, October 10, 2013, and Famous Dave's is a busy barbecue restaurant.

Photo:  At 1900 on this Thursday evening, we were seated at the bar until a table became available in the dining room.  During football season, Famous Dave's has the game on television, in this case, it was Chicago Bears vs. New York Giants.  The Bears eventually won tonight's game, 27 to 21.

Photo:  Friendly bartendress, Tara, delivers a pint of Newcastle beer to me.  That's Sharlene's margarita to the right of the photo.  Note the barbecue sauce, as Dave's offers six varieties of barbecue sauce.  If it's your pleasure, you may eat your dinner at the bar.

Photo:  Famous Dave's dining room is divided into a couple of sections, and features rustic, wood paneling, with plenty of posters and photos, all of which promote a barbecue theme.

Photo:  Our friendly server, Tashalee, poses for my camera with our "All-American BBQ Feast." More on our feast later...

Photo:  Our party of four, Eric Rench, Sharlene Rench, Jacquie Bower and Dave Neuenkirch with dinner on the table.  Notice that our feast is served on a garbage can, and placed on a little wooden stand.  You help yourself to the feast, family style.  Like at the bar, there are six varities of barbecue sauce for your dining enjoyment.

Photo:  The "All-American BBQ Feast," which includes a full slab of St. Louis-Style spareribs, a whole country-roasted chicken, 1/2 pound of Texas Beef Brisket - or Georgia Chopped Pork - we chose brisket, coleslaw, fries, "Wilbur Beans," six pieces of corn, and four corn bread muffins.  This feast feeds four to six people, in our case, we pigged-out, and Dave and Jacquie took home leftovers for another dinner.  Due to the long preparation time, and the labor-intensive process involved in barbecue, at $59.99, this represents an excellent value for a delicious feast.

Photo:  My first plate of delicious barbecue.  The four of agreed that the ribs and the brisket were the best, but everything was simply amazing!  Famous Dave's makes delicious barbecue!

Talk about delicious barbecue!  If you've ever been to the Nugget Rib Cookoff in the Reno area, you'll note that Famous Dave's is cookin' there every year, as they're in the top tier of the national barbecue circuit.  The barbecue is delicious, and the "meal on a trash can lid" represents an excellent value.  Famous Dave's is the best barbecue that I've enjoyed during my visits to Las Vegas.

Famous Dave's
651 Mall Ring Circle
Henderson, NV 89014
702 433-0013

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