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Located south of "the strip," in a small, suburban strip mall, El Herradero is an undiscovered Las Vegas treasure, that serves food that would make Tijuana proud!

Photo:  El Herradero Restaurant is located in a small, routine, strip mall.  It is a long story, well outside of the scope of this article how I found this restaurant, but... as I was on a hike to the airport, and in search of Mexican food, El Herradero Restaurant appeared on my radar, and I responded.  The date is Friday, January 25, 2013, and the time is noon, and it's time to enjoy great Mexican cuisine!!!

Photo:  The dining room is quite compact, and features tables... If you want booths, you're out of luck.  The gal in the photo is picking up a take-out order from the window to the kitchen, which serves as an order window, cashier's station, and a window to the kitchen.  It provides a window into this fascinating restaurant...  I forgot to mention, there is no "Wait to be seated" sign, as you just pick a table, seat yourself, and a friendly server will immediately greet you, welcome you, and provide you with a menu, and drink options.  Beer!!!!  Naught!!!

Photo:  I look through the menu/order/pay window, which gives me a window, and a view into the kitchen, and photograph a wary Maria, as she takes my order of Huevos Con Chorizo for breakfast.

Photo:  My friendly server, Maria, brings me my order from the menu, which is numbered at #65, of "Huevos Con Chorizo."  You can order flour or corn tortillas... easy for me... Corn!  El Herradero Restaurant serves great food, and it's served by great staff.  The only drawback is... no beer!  

Photo:  Maria took my photo, at my request, after she had delivered my breakfast... or should I say... brunch?  - It was noon - but whatever the case, I thank her for her wonderful service, putting up with my questions and photos, and for being a nice person.

Photo:  From the menu, provided at my table, and posted above the counter, I ordered a #65, which is scrambled eggs mixed with choice, served with refried beans, rice and tortillas, in my case, CORN, served on the side. Delicious food!!!!  The only drawback is no beer!  But, in the spirit of Tijuana loncherias... I've been to many of them... no loncherias in Tijuana serve beer.  So, love it or leave it... El Herradero Restaurant serves great food!

All I can say is that I enjoyed an amazing meal!  The food was... well... Tijuana... loncheria style, the staff is friendly, the dining is comfortable, and the price is right.  I highly recommend El Herradero Restaurant for delicious Mexican cuisine!

El Herradero Restaurant
1725 E. Warm Springs Road
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
702 270-3444

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