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Welcome to El Capitan Lodge and Casino, the best, and only full-service casino in the charming town of Hawthorne, Nevada.  Not only does the complex feature a wonderful, "old school" casino, and a comfortable motel, but tucked away in the far corner of the casino is a Hawthorne-gem, the El Capitan Restaurant.  

Photo:  The "back" side of El Capitan Casino.  I photographed the "back" side for two reasons:  The morning lighting was great, and the fact that 1960's era art deco facade was shrowded with scaffolds, tarps and other construction paraphanelia.  At this writing, El Capitan is undergoing a renovation, and it was no problem to "pardon their dust."

Photo:  To reach the restaurant, you walk through the gaming area, and the restaurant is in the rear of the casino. You enter the restaurant through a low partition.  Photo shows the comfortable dining room, which is a mixture of tables, booths, and a great counter, where I prefer to sit, when I dine along.  It's 8:30 on Thursday morning, March 31, 2016, and I'm in the mood for a breakfast of steak and eggs, all for the low price of $6.99.

Photo:  View of breakfast counter, and the semi-open kitchen.  Doesn't this look like a diner, and a true slice of "Americana?"  I love it!  It's an "old school" diner in all regards, tucked away inside of an "old school" casino.  I'm sitting at the counter, to the left of the photo, and my place is marked by the brown coffee mug.

Photo:  A peek over the counter into the semi-open kitchen which allows a view of the chefs at work.

Photo:  Meet my friendly server, Anna S., as she delivers my delicious breakfast.  Talk about a great server, and a very nice person!  I was privileged to be served by Anna, and I look forward to seeing her the next time I visit this fine restaurant.

A word about taking photos at El Capitan Lodge.  You're in a Nevada casino, and casino protocol dictates NO PHOTOS in the gaming area.  However, El Capitan Restaurant is separated from the gaming area by a low partition... but...  I know the story, so I asked permission from Anna to take photos inside the restaurant.  She said she was OK with it, but she'd have to ask the kitchen manager.  In a couple of minutes, her friendly boss came over, chatted with me about my "mission," and said he was OK with it, but he'd have to ask his boss.

Within a few minutes, he came back and said that it was OK to take photos, as long as I didn't take photos of the gaming area.  No worries, as that's the way it is inside of Nevada casinos.

I was sitting at the counter, enjoying my coffee, when Glenn, the general manager came by to pay me a visit, and to welcome me to El Capitan.  Such a nice guy, and it was a pleasure to chit-chat with him, and to accept the fine hospitality the El Capitan Lodge has to offer.

Photo:  My friendly server, Anna, snapped my photo, as I'm ready chow down on a delicious breakfast.

Photo:  When I parked outside the casino, I noted the sign that read "$6.99 Special, Steak and Eggs," and my mind was made up before I walked into the restaurant, as I had been thinking about a breakfast of steak and eggs for the last several days, and the price of $6.99 drew me in like a moth to a flame.  

Due to restaurant protocol, my friendly server gave me a menu to look over, and although the menu offers countless breakfast choices, within 30 seconds I closed the menu shut, and ordered steak and eggs.  As an aside, El Capitan Restaurant is a breakfast lover's dream, as breakfast is served any time the restaurant is open.  

I ordered two eggs, cooked over easy, my steak cooked medium, sourdough toast, and hash brown potatoes.  My breakfast arrived in a timely manner, and it was cooked to order, and it was cooked perfectly.  The coffee was delicious, and certainly complimented my breakfast.  "Old school" diner fare at it's best!

Including unlimited refills of delicious coffee, the tab for my delicious breakfast came to a measly $9.34, including state sales tax.  Such a great breakfast, at such a great price!  Naturally, I rewarded my charming server with a generous tip for her outstanding, and friendly service.  

There is nothing fancy about El Capitan Restaurant, but the food is delicious, the dining room is comfortable, and the customers, and the staff are super friendly.  You can't beat delicious breakfast of steak and eggs and all the sides for $6.99!!!!  Great dining is found at El Capitan Restaurant, in friendly Hawthorne, Nevada.

El Capitan Restaurant
540 "F" St.
Hawthorne, NV 89415
775 945-3321

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